Monday, August 16, 2004

Universal Nonsense

Independence Day unleashes the writer in everyone. From top politicians to businessmen to laypeople, everyone wants to have their say. Which is fine with me because it gives me a justification to say something too. I am not gonna blog about our fine heritage and great, glorious 56 years of don't surf away! I found something rather trivial in all that serious talk to blog about (silly me! but i seem to find humour in odd places...what to do?)
I read three articles in succession on and all the authors were bonkers over the word "universal". "Universal education","universal prosperity", "universal tolerance" etc...Anil Ambani was the author of one of those pieces. He has very noble goals but I just wondered if the entire populace would "universally" want to embrace education. No matter what great goals others have, there will be some who will definitely be averse to studies and there's nothing wrong with that either! Perhaps their mettle lies somewhere else.
Universal Prosperity?? Another of those pipe dreams, if you ask me. You cannot eliminate poverty from society. Even the US has a high poverty rate.
Universal Tolerance??? This is the most absurd of them all. One of those pieces suggested that India had not improved because there are still terrorist attacks everywhere. Of some 5000 years of recorded history, only 137 years have been free of conflict. What does that tell us?? So long as humans exist, there's gonna be differences, problems and conflicts. So, the amount of violence is definitely no sign of non-development or otherwise. And to make everyone tolerant is a next to impossible task!!
So, all in all, I just felt that most of what these people had written (except for some good points, of course) was universal nonsense....

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