Friday, August 13, 2004


I saw the photo of an old man sitting on his parched farmland in Gujarat. If a picture is equal to a thousand words, this one was worth millions. Those eyes bespoke years of unceasing hardship, sorrow and a silent plea that things might get better at least in the future. It rent my heart.

"If you can visualize the face of the poorest man on earth and say honestly to yourself that you have done something today to improve his condition, then your life has not been in vain." The Mahatma's quote echoed in the corridors of my now stilled mind. It reminded me once again that the greatest happiness on earth comes out of helping and serving others.

In these 22 years of my life, I've done what little I could to help the poor. Someday I will make life better for at least one needy person in this world. Whether monetarily or in some other way, I don't know. But I know that it will give me immense joy to put a smile on another person's face and regardless of how long it takes, I will do it too.

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