Tuesday, August 17, 2004


It has been exactly one year since I arrived in the US! All in all, I think I've had more good times than bad the past year. There are so many things that I miss:
1. My pet cats Azhagi and Amul. Really miss them more than I can blog about.
2. Srirangam temple. Never thought I'd grow to miss the town that I once hated.
3. My friend S.
4. Jasmine flowers.
5. Laughing about nothing. Used to do a lot of that with my friends.
6. Traveling in crowded public transport buses. (Really used to enjoy that!)
7. Silly chit-chats with my brother. We used to have the most trivial conversations about nothing.
8. Fighting with my brother.
9. Carnatic Music Concerts.
10. Above all, the smell and taste of India ( doesn't matter if the only smell that hits you is the stench of sweat and gutters!).

There are so many more things I miss but I can't remember all of them right away. But there are so many more things I gained in my one year of US stay too...More on that later.

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