Tuesday, August 10, 2004

High School Buddies

My high school buddy Monica sent me pictures of her garden flowers today. She has her own community garden plot as well as her backyard garden. The flowers were quite beautiful and I am amazed at the patience she has with gardening! And she is an IT nerd too! Another of my friends, Grace, is in Ottawa and she is with the State Agriculture Department doing some hi-fi job (she does so many things..i just can't remember!!! She completed her Master's (Political Science) defense last week....yaay!! Wish I could've been there for the party). Almost all of our high school gang are now employed full-time or busy with grad school or something or the other.

It just reminded me of how fast we've all grown up. I can still remember my high schooling days when we used to hang out at Burnaby North's cafeteria and in front of our lockers sharing lunch and views. Monica had a thing for climbing trees and we used to pick cherries and apples from my house's backyard in the summer. And we used to go hiking sometimes in beautiful Vancouver's trails or play soccer by the Burnaby Lake. And I can never forget how we went dress hunting for our prom and going to the prom and dancing,laughing...Those were good days....

Now, we all have jobs, responsibilities...a couple of them are getting married and we hardly have time to even talk on the phone. That reminds me of Antoinette and I wonder how she is doing. She must be in Marseilles, France somewhere having a job perhaps?

Life moves amazingly fast. I wish I could join Moni and Grace in Ottawa in October.....

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