Friday, August 27, 2004

The Summer of Husbands Behaving Badly.

This has been a summer of husbands behaving badly. First, there is Scott Peterson accused of killing his wife Lori and their unborn son. And along comes Mark Hacking who confesses that he bumped off his wife in her sleep and dumped her body somewhere. And there's Kobe Bryant who cheats on his wife and promptly gets accused of rape. Two things really bother me about the Mark Hacking case. One is that he killed his wife apparently because he couldn't get admitted to Med School. That seems like a seriously stupid reason. Perhaps he felt insecure about his wife's achievements and position. The second thing is that once he decided on murder, I can't believe he would do it when Scott Peterson was in the headlines and any similar wife-gone-missing case would automatically direct suspicion toward the husband! The Scott Peterson case is even more hopeless. What sort of a man would want to murder a pregnant woman much less his own wife?!!! And of Kobe Bryant, I have nothing to say.

The thing is that I don't understand why these husbands felt compelled to kill their wives. Most murder cases can be traced to the Old Greenback. That has been the primary reason for murder from times unknown. In neither of these cases has money even figured as a possible cause. Have we evolved that now we don't murder for menial reasons such as money but for more altruistic reasons ? I mean, this is the US of A and divorce is as freely available as water. If they hated their spouses enough, it wouldn't have been hard to obtain divorces. Why not take the easy route instead of going through all the effort of murdering a person and that too for totally silly reasons (yes, they are silly) such as having an affair or not getting into med school(talk about pressure!)??!!

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