Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It only happens in India...

Location: Waiting lounge, Chennai International Airport

The 20-20 match between India & Australia was being displayed on the new LCD screens at the airport. Around 300-400 people in the lounge were all glued to the TV screens. A collective groan rose as Dhoni misfielded and let the ball through for a run. And then, a wicket -- Gilchrist gone! And the entire lounge erupted in claps and cheers. Even the security folks stopped their screening for a minute and applauded.

The height of all this drama was the following incident. IA was boarding their flight to Singapore. They were issuing the final boarding call for all passengers while there were still 20 balls left in the match. And a whole set of people on that flight were glued to the TV screens and didn't budge!

IA Official: Final boarding call for Singapore flight. Sir, Singapore poravanga ellam flight-la erunga sir!

Passenger: Sir, oru two minutes..

IA Official: Everyone on IA flight to Singapore, please kindly board...[pleading]

No response

IA Official: Sir, dhayavu senju erunga..flight edukkanum...[literally begging]

Still none budged. Everyone watched India's victory and then boarded the IA flight with a satisfied smile on their faces. :) It can only happen in India!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Shriman & Shrimathi

S and I got married on 13.09.07 and are now, officially Mrs & Mr! :) That's the reason for my recent disappearance from the blogosphere. I'll continue regular programming soon...

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