Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Kings Island

Five of us (Seema, me, Venky, Vijai and Ananth) went to Kings Island on Saturday. It was 12 hours of amazing fun. We left the park only by 11PM after all the rides had closed. All in all, we went for 10 rides. Seema and Venky went for 11 going for an encore of Face-Off. The scariest and best of all was the Drop Zone. We were dropped straight down from a height of 315ft. It was too good! Face-off and Vortex were the next best rides. Son of Beast was truly a s.o.b. The ride was superb but also rather rough. My neck got some harsh treatment and I can already understand what whiplash injuries are!
Ananth got me a cute teddy bear in one of those win-it-yourself competitions. Didn't have much time for shopping (which is good in a way). They also had some fireworks at the end. They were so-so.
By the time we finished, we were thoroughly drenched and shivering because of the Rapids ride that we took. And Venky and I had to drive back to Lexington too! Despite being totally worn out and tired, we made it back safe and sound. Oh and another first for me: I drove on the interstate and managed some night driving too!
All in all, amazing trip and three cheers to all of us who went!!

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