Monday, November 28, 2005

The peach-river source away from the world

If you're wondering what in the world that means, it is the literal meaning of the Chinese word “Shangri-La” (Courtesy:Wikipedia). Shangri-La is something like the mythical “Garden of Eden” supposedly nestled away somewhere in the Himalayas. On Saturday, some of us went to watch the North American premiere of “The Legend of Shangri-La” in Cinti. More on that later. Do check out the show’s official website.

Here the grass can dance,
If you're not afraid to lay on the earth;
Here the stones can speak,
If you're not afraid to listen with your soul.
Here the mountains are close to heaven,
So the legends may live
in the songs of the shepherds.


ak said...

hmm... looks like you are the only one who understood something... atleast enough to make up something like this.. :)

Praveen said...

oh apppadiya :)

Sridhar said...

exactly the same verse the people admitted at yaerwadi and gunaseelam sing to their bretheren in kilpauk, but why the world brand them as nut-case? ;)

Deepak said...

the utopian world enrapturing Hugh Conway and his friends...the Lost Horizon..the place where age doesnt find a how was the show?

Jeevan said...

nice information.

Kay said...

vare vaaa...

I liked the blowing of 4 big horns do u know the significance of it :))