Sunday, November 13, 2005

Finding Nemo

I absolutely enjoyed watching  “Finding Nemo” recently. I have no “must-sees” or “cannot-watches” in movie genres and certainly have no aversion to watching action/gory/scary movies. But of late, scenes of unnecessary violence or pathos especially those involving young kids, have become very disturbing to me. Perhaps it is just one of those phases of extreme sensitivity that everyone passes through. If so, I hope to recover soon enough because action movies are certainly entertaining and I wouldn’t want to renounce them forever..:) Or perhaps, I am growing older and I’ve come to realize the value of certain things in life?
Either way, I am quite happy watching animated movies for now. The reason for this post is a statement by Dory (the forgetful, adorable fish) to Nemo’s dad:
“When I am with you, I feel like home!”
I had never given verbal form to that feeling before and when I heard it in that movie, it was like “Bingo!” I am one of those people who believe that “heard melodies are sweet; Those unheard sweeter” but some things do sound good when expressed in words…:)


mathangi k said...

true...I am into cartoons now!!!Cant stand all the gore in the movies...


AG said...

I second your opinion. Its very true that you can sometimes get some deep insights of life, watching cartoon movies or reading comics....

Sriram C S said...

Watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factoy!! Johnny Depp and loads of chocolate - lethal combination for young ladies!!

Zeppelin said...

hmmm... interesting... didnt know you were ok with gore... sometimes when I am really blue, i watch some really horrifying movie to take my mind off the depression.. weird, but true ! :)

recently watched SAW II, partly because i had seen the first part and partly because of the above mentioned reason.. :)


Hellboy said...

Cartoons are good. Tom and jerry go down as one of the all time best characters ever to grace screens of all type (small, silver ..). Well, atleast for me :-) These days my cartoon watching starts and stops with Family guy and American Dad on Fox.

My attempt to add to the story in the previous post was seriously ill timed, my bad :-(

Ganesh said...

subha thats a good movie indeed much better than that sleazy Shark Tales.

also do watch these if you havent already
Toy Story
Monster Inc.
A bugs Life
The Lion King

Btw when you have do check my new audio blog


RS said...

The extreme sensitivity phase that you talk's kind of stuck with me for quite some time now :(

Sridhar said...

heard melodies are sweet; Those unheard sweeter” but some things do sound good when expressed in words

hmm...a picture is sweeter than 1000 words. but seems 185 words about picture is more sweet to some :)

RT said...

tell me about finding nemo..absolutely wonderful movie...too bad i did not get a chance to see it in the theatre.

Subha said...

Yeah cartoons teach us stuff in a very light manner instead of being all preachy and holier-than-thou.
That movie's been on my list for a while but I haven't bought myself around to it yet..
I am quite ok with gore. If I am blue, I sit around doing nothing..:) Watching gory movies kinda intensifies negativity, I feel..don't u think?
Story sounded good, actually. No probs..:) I watch The Simpsons regularly..

Subha said...

I wanna watch Shark Tale too! Have caught most of hte movies in that list. Thanks.
Thanks for counting the words in this post..LOL
yeah I should've watched in a huge screen..but oh well!:)

Jeevan said...

I also like animation movies, my first animation movie is saw is Alaudhin.

dinesh said...

Nee "Ashokla's lex life" nu link kuduthurukke ille ?? adha naan light a spelling mistake oda padichutten. Adhaan yosichen ..."adipaavi, ivalukku eppdi da therinjudhu" nu :)

Anonymous said...

Subhashini thalli,
Elaa unnavu amma?
Ikkada guntoor lo, ee cinema - "Meeenu dhorikkindhi" telugu-lo ochindhi. Chaala bhaaga graphics lo cinema theeskunnadu.

Action films choodakku thalli, athi nee manasa spoil chesthunthi.
Ippudu current gaa "Oka Suraa Meenu Kathaa" (america lo Shark Tale-u) nenu dhonga VCD-lo theesi choodaali.
Nuuvvu choosava bhangaram? Elaa undhi aaa movie?

Aaseervadamuu thalli,

RG & 2S

Anonymous said...

finding nemo is great!!

Raju said...

all the movies by Pixar are breathtaking.. though targeted for young audience, there is absolute fun in watching them for people of all ages.

Rathin said...

One of my favorite animated movie... I have watched this movie atleast 5 times now... This brings out the kid in you... Pixer's animation is simply superb... When watching the movie for the these kinda animated movies are far better than the silly indian movies of these time! I am sure every one who appreciated this movie will agree with me...

Subha said...

Never seen Alaudin.
En blog-la vandhu Ashokla-vai ottaradhu thevaiya??!!! :)

Rams said...

Didn't go thru all the comments...
I thought these gems were missed amidst the rest...

Shrek, Ice Age and Robots

Watch them if possible...amazing movies.