Wednesday, November 23, 2005

All about movies..


A couple of weeks ago (or more), some 20 people in Lexington, KY were acting as testers for GMail for free...:) We exchanged around 100 mails per day, ostensibly planning acitivities for a weekend. To its credit, GMail didn't break..:) Amongst those plans were watching Gajini. After creating a lot of hype, we rented a projector and started watching Gajini. All our energy fell flat on its face because we couldn't last for more than 20 minutes...:( Surya seemed to act like Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator in parts. Riyaaz Khan did try very hard to act and ended up annoying me. Anyways, we never got past the part where Riyaaz Khan reads Surya's diary. RS and I were waiting enthusiastically for this one scene where Surya looks over the top of his coolers and removes them looking completely handsome in the process. We weren't disappointed but it did annoy a lot of people in the room..:) Song locations and choreography were good and I liked "Suttum Vizhi Sudare.." And I liked the romantic scene in the bus, where Surya tells Asin that he likes her. No flash. No razzmatazz. Just a very simple, casual and classy expression! In the end, we all ended up watching a documentary on Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.


I llllllllloved this movie. It doesn't have any storyline to speak of. And me thinks the director got confused about all characters half way through. Initially Kalingaraayar is depicted as this terrible villain with two Telugu musclemen in tow. Then, he suddenly becomes very samathu and nice. Vikram wants to marry Asin and he does. Then he changes his mind and "advises" her about forgetting him (??!!!?). Manivannan and Pasupathy are awesome fun in this movie. I enjoyed all the songs and have been advising anyone who sees me to listen to "Thai Masam.."..:)) Despite my usual dislike of Vadivelu, I like his comedy in this movie. Wholesome, mindless fun.


Unfortunate movie...:( This director is doubly confused and all the characters are even more confused. There's absolutely no logic and thevai illadha advice galore in many scenes. Asin's character is rather cute. Vijay's dancing kept me enraptured during the song sequences. Tamilgrounds cut the song "Vadu Maanga"...:( Somehow sat through the length of this movie. Worst movie. Don't watch it if you can avoid it.

It is a cold, blustery Lexington morning with the possibility of slight snow showers. FYI, we are still continuing our e-mail onslaught in GMail and I am cozily humming..

"Kanvizhithu soppanam kanden
Unnale kanvizhithu soppanam kanden" :))

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


dinesh said...

Haven't seen Gajini or Majaa yet. But had the misfortune of watching sivakasi ! Had majaa and sivakasi running in the same theater and we tried to convince Mr.Sayee towards majaa, but he wanted to see his buddy vijay give out free life lessons. It felt like we were sitting in on a "life 101" class! We all came out amazed at how Vijay seemed to know everything in life. The music was horrendous too ! Call this a mass movie, but what mass ould be so stupid ?

Prabhu said...

worst movie!
comedy scenes atha vida samma thala vali!
intha padam flop aanum nu andavana vendikaren - illati aduthathu seergazhi nu oru padam eduppaan worst fellow.

naanga intha padam pakkaracha sila pera koopdalai nu vera kovam! athelaam sellaadhu!

Subha said...

Sivakasi was truly horrible..grr. Vijay's costumes were, yellow, blue ensembles..yuck. But the guy has the persona to carry it through..:) I liked the one song where he mimics Telugu heroes and other people..:))

Nee andha sila perai koopdaadadhu manikka mudiyaadha kuTram..sellum sellum..:)

kamal said...

I think gmail starts "cranking" if you say expand all on the 100+ emails.

Happy Thanksgiving.

ashokla said...

Suggestion for people watching Sivakasi!!! Try playing "Guess where Srikanth deva lifted his BGM from?" Ther won't be a dull minute as the answers range from "Ennadi Raakamma" to "1-2-ka 4 from Ram lakkan". This was the only thing useful that we did for the whole two thousand hours that we could have otherwise used for doing useful things like watching one of those "Preaching TV channels".

BTW, Dins all the best with Gajjni, hopefully u can forget that movie before u finished watching it!!!

RS said...

Sigh...we really must see that Surya sun glasses scene again :)

Let the jealous remain jealous!

Prabu Karthik said...

Gajini, Majaa and last but not the least Sivakasi. Aduvum gumbala!!

enna panradu kashtam nu vandha ipdi dhaan mothama varum:)

i saw only gajini and was not too impressed Asin notwithstanding.

Jeevan said...

I saw gajini, it was a super movie, i am going to see Majaa soon i like majaa especialy for comedy my Pasubathi. i am a fan of Vijay, yarrusonnalum nana sivakasi pakathan poran. but this movie songs are very loud, i like one song, it is Kodambakam area.

AG said...

Yes, Majaa is a good movie. Forget about logic and you can enjoy the whole movie. But sadly there are only a few scenes which you can re-collect later and laugh about. Pasupathi is the real hero.

Didn't get the chance to
watch Gajini and Sivakasi, never had the intention of watching it.

Anonymous said...

I have seen gajini in tamil. though i dont know tamil, and dont like to watch movies in languages i dont know, i just gave it a try and cudnt stop watching the movie. Surya's action and the storyline ( though same as mememnto ) everything was good. I doubt your taste on this regard.

Muthukumar Puranam said...

nee majaa pathatha pathi ny comments?
Prabhu unnai ninaithu perumai thAn paduren da..

Krishna said...

hehe. looks like sivakasi has been a buzzsu pattaasu with most. maja was good, aana some scenes were very artificial.

Leon said...

Most people seemed to prefer Ghajini to Majaa.. In fact the review for Majaa was so bad that the theatres around Boston cancelled it's screening after advertising it the previous week!!

Happy thanksgiving weekend..

Priya said...

i liked majaa.. yeh thai masam song is gr8..that song resembles avichu vecha song in thirupchi.. somehow for me..

gajiniya paaka udamaa pannitaangale... cha.mmm