Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Muse has left me.
I have the writer's block.

Not really. Well, I do try to make dramatic statements but somehow they come out better if I have a Julia Roberts or Reese Witherspoon mouthing it for me..:) It is not really any sort of "block" that is stopping me from posting, it is just plain old-fashioned laziness. Basically, there's too much noise inside my head. I've got too many thoughts racing pell-mell across the corridors of my mind. It is hard to sit and isolate one particular whizzing thought and hang onto it long enough to put it down in words.I need Dumbledore's Pensieve. Dumbledore draws out these thin, silvery wisps of thoughts from people's minds and throws them in the pensieve for future remnisciences. How I wish I had such a luxury! Maybe I could go back to all those unwritten, unsaid thoughts and attempt a rewrite. Then again, perhaps it is better not to have such contraptions. I might sorely be tempted to revisit every single memory looking for some hidden,subliminal message and finally go stark, raving mad. Whichever dude said that "A bad memory is the key to a successful life." sure knew what he was talking about.

I do hope to write some in the next few weeks. There's a special pleasure in putting pen to paper. Especially if that act is accompanied by steaming hot Indian filter coffee providing you your delicious dose of caffeine and hot dosas for breakfast..:) For now, I've got papers strewn haphazardly all over the house, a half-read journal flung carelessly across the couch, dirty dishes in the sink, trash waiting to be taken out, bills to be paid, a couple of gaping suitcases to be packed and the usual last-minute stuff to take care of before catching a plane.

Happy Holidays, everyone. Be safe this winter. Ooops..I've rambled on too long and my Muse has already flown away Eastward on the wings of a Zephyr....:) I better go now.


TJ said...

Wow! Have a safe trip home.

Me wanting to rush up thro this assingment and land at Kaverikarai around Ekadesi or Pongal time:)

Praveen said...

veeda clean pannitu oorukku pogavum :D

RS said...

subha, we seem to be reading each other's thoughts lately. Have expressed and could relate to almost your entire post :)

Kishan said...

Packing bags???
Cool, going to india or what??

Leon said...

//"A bad memory is the key to a successful life."

probably follows from "what you don't know can't hurt you".. :p

Hot Indian filter coffee and Dosas?!!

I'm jealous..

Kupps said...


ezhudhuradhukku onnum thOnala aana idhayE oru blog-aa ezhudhuvEn.

oorukku pOrEn - gnabagam varudhE gnabagam varudhE range-kku ninaivugaLum, ammaa mandapam irukka illa SUNTV sollura maadhiri moozhgi pOchchaa-nnu dhigil patti manRam nadaththura aLavukku vishayam irundhaalum adha oru blog-aa post paNNa maattEn appadeenu oru resolve adhukku ennaiyum sEththu ivvaLavu comment. kaalam :)


Anonymous said...

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Muthukumar Puranam said...

All your posts are very nice and I am one of your fans. Liked it and enjoyed it. Keep them coming

Vivek said...

interesting read... journals strewn, filter coffee, laziness, voices in head... oh! so familiar attributes! write on!