Friday, September 02, 2005

Niagara, here I come!

Well, I am going to be gone for the weekend to Pittsburgh and Niagara Falls. Looking forward to taking a break from Lexington. You see, I can blame this unceasing travel itch on my Dad...:)We moved around so often since I can remember that I get bored of places pretty easily. Anyways, hope it is going to be a good trip. Pics later. Have a good long weekend, people!


Anonymous said...

Enjamaai ! have fun and be safe ..


Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

Subha,I live in Pittsburgh and I am in town for the long weekend.Can you call me at 469-223-8018, pls. We can try and meet

Anonymous said...

hey subha..
have a safe trip
wish I would have joined u guys
moi going to pittsburg and river water rafting at ohiopyle near pittsburg
just a day trip
Take care and have fun


Anand Ramamoorthy said...


take care, , have a nice weekend and be safe.


Prabhu said...

I live in Hamburg, 50 miles away from Niagara Falls. Its a very serene place with a nice coffee place in the downtown. I am not going anywhere this weekend, my number is 866-CALL-PLS. We can meet if you can call me :)

Kishan said...


Dont even think of going to any indian restuarants near Nayagara... They suck

Subha said...

Vasu, Anand,
Thanks for your wishes.

We made a really brief stop at Pittsburgh at the temple...:) We didn't have too much time on our hands. Perhaps some other time. Thanks!

Wish you could've come like we originally planned..:( seri po, ennai ditch pottutta...

Subha said...

never knew you had another establishment at Hamburg! :)

You're so right. The only place we did try out was Crown India Punjabi dhaba and it sucked bigtime! And it was extremely expensive too..