Saturday, September 10, 2005

A few captured moments..

******UPDATED: A small correction- the last pic shot in night mode was shot with Venky's camera, not mine! ****************
I captured this on the go from our car. I might not have done justice to the beauty of the landscape but I simply loved the play of the light behind the clouds and the seeming convergence of land and sky...Reminded me of the line "uppu kadalodu maegam uRpathi aanaalum, uppu thaNNeerai megam oru poadhum sindhaadhu" in the song "Moongil kaadugale.." (Samurai).

Mighty Niagara captured on a beautiful, sunny summer day!

A head-on view of the Canadian Falls from the "Maid of the Mist" .

View of the American Falls..

Grand finale of the firework display..

The Canadian side at night..


Anonymous said...

I loved the second pic very much !


Kay said...
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Kay said...
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Kay said...

The photos look good...

Nee sonnathaye eluthiten pothuma..
Mela iruka 2 comment'aaa delete panna vetchitiye Nonsense :(

Btw Detroit porenu sonniye Is the plan still ON ?

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Awesome pics Subha..especially the third one..

Prabhu said...

un camera laye edutha night fotos?
they have come out really well!

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

Great pics Subha. Next time when you are in Buffalo/Niagra, check out the restaurants in Delaware Ave. There are a bunch of good indian restaurants.

Prabu Karthik said...

1st and 2nd fotos rombo nalla irukku...)

Rags said...

Good Pics...I would say good use light exposure..

btw did you take the Canada Night view on a Tripod or by Hand?

Subha said...

Vasu,Arjuna,Prabhu Karthik,
Ezhudina rendu comment-la ennamo periya karuthu sollirundha maadhiri salichikkaadha! :)
Yes, I took these pics in my camera.

Subha said...

good suggestion. If I ever end up in that area again, will do.
The photo was taken with a tripod.

Twin-Gemini said...

Trying to catch up with everyone...excellent pictures So you also went to the Canadian side or is this all from the American side.