Thursday, April 07, 2005

Submental mutterings

Muttering 1: It is hard to make a decision knowing all facets of a problem. The more you know, the more you are aware of the consequences and decision making becomes painful; especially more so, when those around don't see it on the same level. Knowledge is said to aid decisions. But I think that whatever decision one takes with full cognizance of the situation always involves painful sacrifices (either short-term or long-term). Whoever said "Ignorance is bliss" was a genius.

Muttering 2: Blogger performance on Firefox is pathetic or maybe I should phrase it the other way around.

Muttering 3: Invariably, why does the driver in front of me on the road have to perform automotive acrobatics intended to make my heart stop (and spill my early morning coffee all over my clothes)????

Other mutterings on their way..I better get to work now..


Freeyavedu said...

Muttering 1 - I can understand this one. Unmai than - Ignorance is truly a bliss

Anonymous said...

Ignorance though a bliss, doesn't prevent the inevitable... and
" Pain is weakness leaving body/mind"

It is upto to the individual to choose the course of action and face the music.

Venky said...

I have coffee and also eat my breakfast in my car, on the way to my office in the morning..and since nothing like that has ever happened to me before you either need to take training from me on multi-tasking while driving or get a good thermos with a good lid....
btw I am currently considering how I can shave in my car..(I can hear you say YUCK!!!!)
and i am talking about your 3rd muttering incase you didnt figure that out!

Mr. H said...

once again the styrofoam cup.....the cup is like nambiar..the villan !!!!

Subha said...

Venky, I did say "yuck"!

Kay said...

Blogspot and orkut seems to be much more faster in Firefox than IE.

Prabu Karthik said...

Muttering 1
The more we know about something, the more choices we have. That alas, is the paradox of choice.
Check this out if you haven't