Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Swing Down Memory Lane...

Movies are a walk down memory lane for me these days. As conversation turns to a movie, I remember the time when I watched it, the people I watched it with, feelings associated with it,the fun we had after it. So many friendships and associations were formed at movies during undergrad years; So many funny and outrageous incidents that in retrospect, none of us would ever dare do again or can even imagine that we did during those years; Memories of the cheerful camaraderie that existed between us all come back to me as I listen to the strains of some song or scraps of a dialogue. I guess I watched countless movies during undergrad years with my friends but some are always more memorable than others:


First Year of college. We were all newbies and stressed out with Model exams. Semester exams were just a week away. It was a hot May afternoon and the unforgiving South Indian sun was scorching the dry lands of Trichy. S suggested that we go for a movie bunking class that afternoon. I was rather loathe to watch a movie with two newcomers and that too the second show on the first day. But I was dragged against my wishes and soon we were a gang of some 15 guys and girls. We went to the theatre and there was this huge mad rush of people waiting for tickets. I gave up and told everyone that we all better head home. S was more resourceful. She managed to get us tickets (Don't ask me how because that is another big story!) and we got in. And man what a movie it turned out to be! V and D were talking nonsense during the climax and when Maddy was crying over Shalini in the hospital bed, these two started giggling about something else..The entire theatre roared in disapproval of their giggling during the serious scene and what a roar it was...:)
By the time we left the theatre, our heads were replete with movie dialogues and scenes. For the next 3 or 4 months, it was all "ava enna parthu sirichittaaa....." and "un logic sagikkalai" in the corridors...:) That was the first time that our friends, as a gang, watched the movie and it was unforgettable.

Another Saturday afternoon. We were heading home when some friends invited us for this movie. I got very enthusiastic and we went to the theatre. But then, after having built up too many expectations, some of the guys came back and told us, girls, that the environment was not exactly conducive to girls inside the theatre and asked us to go home. We said we'd all go home and watch it together later. V and other guys refused because they wanted to see it on the first day itself. Can't remember when I was more angry. Got into an argument with V and the poor guy got an earful from me...:)As an apology, he gave me a treat at Banana Leaf later. I was so angry that I swore I'd never watch this movie and I didn't till a couple of months ago...:)


Movie was okay. Some 5 or 6 of us watched it together. But the songs became a hit. K sang "Sollaamal Thottu Sellum Thendral.." at our college day function. One of the other performers didn't turn up and we had a mini-crisis on our hands. We had to somehow fill some 5 minutes without losing the audience. B went on stage and started an impromptu talk to engage the audience. Suddenly he called out my name and told the crowd that we were going to sing "Nee Illai endral" from Deena. I panicked and B was sweating but we managed to sing the song without missing a beat ( I still can't help but wonder how the hell we managed without lyrics, without practice, without any kind of co-ordination..!)and it was an instant hit! (Of course, we got a LOT of help from the crowd..they roared in response to a line in the second stanza of the song and we couldn't help but relax after that..!).

Invisible Man-

Super movie. Romba nenappoda ponen. Ulla poi ukkandha, title pops up on the screen with DTS sound effect: "Maaya Manithan". It was such a shocker that if someone had seen our faces at that moment, it would've been ridiculous. And the dialogues were so out of place and contrived that I got stomach cramps from laughing! You'd think I had learnt my lesson, but unfortunately not; after that, it was "Alaikadal Arakkan" (Godzilla Vs..something).

Again first day first show. Got dragged out of bed by R and S and I was made to sit in front of the theatre at 8.30 AM! But some others were late and I had to wait outside the theatre with tickets after the movie had started. The "Vaada Machaan.." song had started off and everyone was dancing in the aisles. To top it all, S and I were the only girls in the entire theatre and we had seats in the front of the theatre. The standing ovation we got for 5 minutes as S and I walked to our seats is still etched in memory today...:)


Watched it pretty late. The movie was enjoyable but there was no pep in the audience as the college crowd had long finished watching the movie. So it was just middle aged people in the theatre when we saw it. The audience was quiet till Paravai Muniamma started "Madurai Veeran dhaane..." and to our surprise, the audience burst into enthusiastic applause and dance! Didn't realize that the song carried such an earthiness to it till that moment!


Again an unforgettable experience. I am a thayirsaadham and maavadu fan and that used to be my staple lunch on hot summer days. After that movie, I was the butt of jokes for the next 2 to 3 months (In the movie, Trisha romances Vikram over a box full of thayirsaadham and maavadu).

Kaaka Kaaka-

The movie was one of the best I've watched. The ending was heart wrenching for us all because Surya loses the love of his life. But just as Anbuchelvan's love life came to a gut wrenching halt, so did our college life. Yup, it was the last movie I watched with all my friends before I came to the US. After the movie, I still remember, we all walked back silently to our vehicles and without a word went home. I guess the movie made us think of loss and pain in a way we hadn't expected.

Since this is turning out to be a really long post, I am going to stop here. There are more movies and more incidents than I can fit in one post....:)


Anonymous said...

super subha..
undergradla friends kooda theatrela cinema pakkarathu apdinara onnu en lifela ilaamale pochu..i wish i had such experiences..
ne sonna ella padathayum en laptopla friends kooda, veetla, last 2yrsaa thaan paathen naan..

Freeyavedu said...

I am sure u wudn't have forgotten the movie, HAKGTWC. I love the look on your face when we talk abt it.

Kay said...

Mihavum unmai

antha padam thirumbi pakkurache namakku antha friends and avangaloda adicha koothu ellam nebakam varum. Seriuosly undergrad days are best days of our life.

Alaipayuthe pathi nee solli naan yerkanave kettu iruken, antha big'u story ennaku theriyum, antha dialogues'um romba famousa irunthathu. Andha padathukku apram ennayum romba per geli pannanga "Karthik romba Valiyatha" nu ;)

Invisible man "Maaaya manithan "-- LOL....

Anonymous said...

Cha..Un blog padichathum Oru Flashback !!

Sethu-thn 1st year-la paatha mudhal padam.. Adhum seniors-ku dimikki koduthuttu ragging la maatama poi paatha 2nd show padam..!

Apparam ennoru flashback.. Dhool padam 2nd show paathittu varambothu bus-oda top-la unkaathittu vantha oru nyabagam !!
Anbesivam padathula vara EFFECT!

Still a lot and the list never ends ..

College days are unforgettable !!


Anonymous said...

Solla maranthittain .. Samy was my last film .. Athum last day of the college .. 20 ppl ponom :(

Praveen said...

HAKGTWC-a?? Appadina? Hindi pada abbreviation vida perusa irukkae??

Chakra Sampath said...

hey.. all u ppl (subha, freeyavedu, kay) from trichy?

this recap triggers up my memories of maris, ramba/urvasi, sona/meena & Banana Leaf/Raghunath restaurants..

Prabha said...

Guess what I watched all the movies u mentioned(except Invisible man) in theatres in Trichy with my friends during college..the best part is its so similar..expecially Run..even we started dancing and all for vaada machhan!!:)

SatheeshR said...

College-la friends kooda cinema poi koothadikarathu sema matter...
ithula first day show ellaam pOna kekkavE venaam ! fun fun fun thaan ! Nicely written.

I was so angry that I swore I'd never watch this movie and I didn't till a couple of months ago...:)

Yammaadiyov... nejamaavaa ! appO veliya suthi kittu irukara rumours ellaam unmai thaan pOla.. hmm !

SatheeshR said...
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Subha said...

HKGTW means Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle. Don't ever see that movie even if someone gives you a free ticket!!! Worst movie ever.

Subha said...

Chakra Sampath, I am from Trichy..Yeah those theaters are unforgettable..I think I've watched a movie in most of the theaters in Trichy including Jupiter etc...:)

Subha said...

Apdiye periya sabadham ellam illai..I said I wouldn't watch it and it so happened that I didn't get another chance till a couple of months back...:) Over analysis no no..:)

dumbs said...

me from trichy too! and i watched alaipayuthe 1st day 2nd show! at 'Sona' I think

whatthefwasithinking said...

you had me going at "invisible man".