Friday, September 17, 2004

Weirdest things...

I don't know what gets into people when they get on stage. They say the weirdest things.
"If given the chance to be someone else, who would you like to be?"
"Mother Teresa"
Well, that's the answer our beauty queens love. Now for a moment, strip away all the hoopla and hype about beauty contests, forget that the women on stage are celebrities and are expected to be noble and beautiful and just focus on the bare, context-less situation. A gorgeous 20 something girl is on stage. You ask the question again and you get the same answer. The only surge of emotion that I will feel for the girl is overwhelming pity. After all, why would a beautiful, youngish, successful girl ambitious enough to aspire to a beauty crown and pursue a career in glamour, riches and style want to throw away everything and become an ascetic??!!! Sound reasonable???!!! (Yeah right. Only if I am a moron of the biggest sort, I will believe that! Which most of the judges are judging by the looks of it.)

It is not just beauty queens. I think some weird mechanism kicks into place in humans when they get on stage. The need to be seen as noble, caring when they really are not. What in the world is wrong with being ordinary? Why not say "I would like to be like my neighbor's 3 year old" or Jennifer Aniston or Mel Gibson? Last week, we had a Fresher's party here and one guy got on stage and said that he admired Aishwarya Rai not for her beauty but because she had donated her eyes. Sure, we believe you, man.

As for myself, if you ask me the same question I would say that I'd rather be my cat. My cat has no probs in life. She walks in like a queen whenever she feels like it. Drinks her bowl of milk with Horlicks in it (that's right, people, Her highness deigns not to drink plain milk) and eats ice cream if she chooses to or just sits there and "meows" to hell until we give her whatever she wants. Then, with a triumphant look, she walks away majestically to the bed or sofa or whatever plushy thing she can find to take a nap. And come evening, she goes out and socializes till whatever time she deems fit. No need to brush, take bath or go to school. No need to submit assignments or worry about money. No need to even worry about boyfriends cuz she just finds another if one of them leave her. Not a damned thing to worry about.

Some psychologist wrote that cats never have nervous breakdowns or disorders. His conclusion: We ought to live like cats. He is damn right.

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