Friday, September 10, 2004

Indian men and color sense....

Whoever said that men don't have any color sense???!!! Well maybe they don't but I know that our desi men have a great sense of color contrast (they are one of a kind, you know...)
I don't know what it is with the men from the southern part of the sub-continent but they are just totally befuddled with "fair" skin. God knows, there are a lot of females who are obsessed too but still I haven't come across matrimonial ads from girls that say they want a "fair, slim" spouse. This wouldn't be so bad if the guy in question is himself rather wheatish and has a buff body. But it would turn out (as it always does) that the guy would probably be like the moon on amavasya day with a nice rotund body. Arre, what a sense of contrast, yaar! And guys, please don't tell me that you don't post those matrimonial ads, your moms and dads do. Nothing is a greater turn off for a girl than to know that the guy doesn't even know what kind of a spouse he wants! Sometime back I got a funny e-mail about why south Indian males are not desired by girls. The author had bemoaned that it had to do with the staid and boring names South Indians had. Puhhleeeze, guys. Perhaps more than that, it is the hiding behind mom's pallav and acting like your eyes' color contrast mechanisms have gone nuts is more like it.


punit said...

Hey just wanted to tell you that things are changing. Most of my friends like to go for a dusky looking female. Atleast I find that color more seducing as contrast to "fair" skin. Chill !

Venky said...

Its the natural laws of attraction!! Men are attracted to women with gr88 looks and a hot body. A Woman is attracted to a guy because of the guy's personality and behaviour and not soo much because of his looks!
If most men like fair slim girls..its their personal taste and a subjective decision. This is true all over the world and not just for Indian men.
As for you...just relax..I am sure there should be somebody who would want a crazy rotund would fit in just perfect!

Subha said...

Well, Venky, I didn't post this blog subjectively...merely an observation on the way things are. And it is ESPECIALLY Indian men who are like that. It is just this stupid stereotype of running after white skin that gets me. Why in the world can we not accept what we are????

sb said...

adhukAga ippadiya!!!
how can you even go by all these matrimonial ads??
and is not natural for anybody to look for what they do not possess?

men look for beauty, accepted!!
why do women want sensible guys!?!?!!