Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two things..

Avatar 3D:

It has been many years since I gaped slack-jawed and open mouthed at a movie. Those "awed" moments were in my childhood when I was stunned by anything novel. Not many things can jolt me today. But, I came out of Avatar feeling like I was 10 again -- awed, amused, entertained and contented. Thanks to James Cameron for that.. :)

T.M. Krishna in Margazhi Mahotsavam:

After listening to Kalyani, Sankarabharanam, Thodi and Bhairavi over a thousand times in many different concerts, it takes something quite extra-ordinary in a singer to make an audience appreciate a ragam as if new. T.M. Krishna managed that. His Kalyani was truly most sublime. The "Chinnanjiru Kiliye" rendition in Chala Nattai, Hamir Kalyani, Huseni & Subhapanthuvarali was a breath of fresh mountain air. He brought out the beauty of the vivaadhi swarams in Chala Nattai stunningly! Bliss. Thanks to Jaya TV for broadcasting this.

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sb said...

Chinnanchiru kiliye
The third raagam was karaharapriya.
fourth was mukhari (not huseni)
5th was begada.
last I am not sure if it is subha panthuvarali or bouli boopalam (romba brain teasing )
Here is the youtube link.
check it out