Friday, October 26, 2007

Weird Tamizh Serials...

Tamizh serials and movies seriously need to be banned. Their sole aim seems to be in keeping our folks immersed in out-of-date ideas. I especially hate some women-centric concepts like:

1. Victim marries rapist because the town tells her that's the right thing to do and he's technically her husband.
2. Bride's father commits suicide because some idiot stopped the wedding right before the muhurtham. Usually, he claims to be the ex-boyfriend and the groom becomes all righteous and decides not to marry a "tainted" girl.
3. Wife commits suicide because her husband leaves her and she's "vaazha vetti".
4. Marriage is a one-time thing for a woman. And if it fails, God forbid, there's no life for the woman after that!
5. Polygamy amongst males is acceptable.

#1 is extremely ridiculous and re-inforced by movies like "Nattamai" and countless serials. How can a woman live with an insensitive guy who doesn't care about her wishes/feelings?

I don't even want to talk about #2. There's still intense societal pressure about honor. Though it is a humiliating thing to happen, I don't see why the bride's father has to die. Societal recognition is not worth dying! People are fickle and they're often wrong.

#3 -- I've seen it almost happen in real-life. Tamizh women are obsessed with this "vaazha vetti" thing. They let go of their body & mind and become obese, stupid creatures. Their excuse: "I am vaazha vetti". Whatever!

#4 -- Indians have an obsession with the "one-time-only" concept in almost anything. There are no second chances, no second life etc..Unfortunately for women, they suffer the worst. There's this article in Vikatan about a guy who cheated and married 100 women through an online matrimony site! 100. And what happens to these poor women? Their marriages are void legally . Is re-marriage even an option for them? I bet their own families wouldn't agree to it!

Serials are the worst culprits here. By broadcasting something repeatedly, they re-inforce these notions and make them acceptable currency. Bah!

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Zeppelin said...

tamizh movies and tamizh cereals..oops...serials enforce the much celebrated CULTURE... whatever culture that is...

all you western-culture-influenced people will not understand the importance of the said notions.. :PPPPPPPPPPPPP

Gopinath Sundharam said...

100% true on all 5 things!

SVR said...

Again why watch all this, and waste time and rant on this, knowing very well this things don't relate to the current era.

Just why not purge those from our viewing channels

RS said...

LOL! k's dad would agree with you one hundred percent!

Sriram said...

Bah! Humbug! about sums it up.. crappity stuff being dished out anyway.. you're the polluted-by-the-west wastrel, so no points gathered by this! :) stop fuming and chill.. some ppl've got nothing better to do!

IBH said...

you have been tagged gal...take it please :)

cyclopseven said...

For many serials become life. Anyway what is the actual meaning of 'Vazha Vetti'?