Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Three exciting days condensed to a few snaps...

The entire wedding seems like a happy and exciting blur -- shopping, relatives, excitement, rituals, mantras, temple trips, good food & good times! I confess I was too wound up (about just getting the 9-yards saree tied in proper fashion before people started banging on the Bride's door -- "Neramaachu..Ponnai vara sollungoo!" ) to have the "Omigosh-I-am-getting-married-eeeeks" feeling..:) Everything went in fast-forward mode in India and now I am savouring each moment through photos/videos. Long live technology! :)


Loga said...

Best wishes :-)

Anonymous said...

d D:

Congrats again.Ammavidam solli THIRHUSTI-SUTRI pottudungo..

Great that RANGA got one more bagthar..Theevera bakthar-aakuvadhu ungal kaiiyil..

could u-two had darshan at srirangam..

Wishing all the very best ..


Sriram said...

:-) ^ n
glowing in the after effects now i guess :)..
btw, did you have to attend virundhu at all your relatives' before you left?? thats one major pain i've heard! ;)

IBH said...

you are glowing in the photos u make one very cute couple :)

Adiya said...


Congrats. best wishes !!!