Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tempus fugit, non autem memoria

Its been a good month since I put my fingers to type out a blog. Its not for the lack of topics though. I am bursting with things I want to write about. But since my muse is fickle and I have only so much time on my hands, this hasty blog is for starters.

I've been gone 20 days to India. I spent 10 days deep in the heart of Tamilnadu visiting ancient temples in the green, peaceful countryside of the Tanjore district. I've not felt so rejuvenated and relaxed in a long time! Visited my grandmother's village right by the Cauvery which she so fondly remembers even now. Met a lot of people whose lifestyles and priorities are so different from mine. Their lives revolve around fertile paddy fields, managing the harvests, milking the cows at home, tending to dogs, cats and birds that wander in from the lush coconut groves surrounding their house. They're educated and knowledgeable but they've chosen this rustic, laid-back, relaxed life. And more than me or my parents, they do look healthy, relaxed and happy!

Did we make a mistake by shunning this lifestyle and running to cities in search of money? Did we trade our peace and happiness by opting for hectic lifestyles? Or is this a case of grass on the other side always being greener? I am still introspecting...:)

Whatever it is, I know I belong in that land.

Oh, in case you're wondering what the title of the post means, its Latin for "Time flies, but not memory".


SamY said...

well the question now is, can u go back to that lifestyle after all this ... it was nice for a vacation and rejuvenation :) ... but forever?

** And more than me or my parents, they do look healthy, relaxed and happy!

hmm proly coz their inner self has come into terms into accepting their choice ... if u've observed, most city dwellers are never happy or satisfied, no matter how much they get ... its more of the attitude factor I'd say :)

happiness is right here, right now, inside us ... but we keep searching for it outside

** Or is this a case of grass on the other side always being greener?

humans are addicted to change

Anonymous said...

d D:)

well...well..great to have u back in our beautiful countryside.., even if it is for short period only.

awaiting ur evergreen posts and temple go on...on..
without such breaks.ok


Zeppelin said...

absolutely agree on the temple-rejuvenation theory.. but I am undecided on the laid back-city theory.. because for one, I have a lot more going on than I used to back home.. and of course my wanderlust levels are sort of extremes.. well, you know me.. :)

besides, its funny you have learnt LATIN after a trip to INDIA.. i wonder.... :D

Priya said...

oru nimisham edho spanish linkku vantennonu nenachen.. anything non english looks spanish to me now:)-

good good!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Subhashini,
Did you visit SriRangam? Rangan eppadi irukkaan?

Best Wishes


Aarthi said...

awesome title subha! So very true

prits said...

HI....i came from deepak's blog....last time i tried commenting in your showed me as anonymous...this blogger behaves weirdly at times....BTW you write very you vancouver diaries...very interesting...and yeah i'd been to India recently..tanjore n all...and took some pics of the tanjore periya kovil and other temples...I have it on my blog...take a look whenever you have time...and keep writing..i enjoy reading your posts :)

Gopi said...

Welcome back Subha, nice to read your blog again..

Subha said...

SamY, I do wonder if I could permanently adapt to living in such places..but I miss living in a small cocooned world, undisturbed by the swirling chaos of life around..In short - like a well frog..sigh..:)

Anon, thankooo..

I think I may have outgrown wanderlust..

Subha said...


Yes, I did visit Srirangam! :) It was as it always has been with me - sublime and peaceful!


thanks for stopping by and commenting despite the hurdles..! :)

Subha said...


Anonymous said...

Prefer a pig contented to a Socrates dissatisfied?

Adiya said...

hi welcome back. gud u visited my srirangam :)

P.S>> ur thinnai arratti srirangam post landed me here for a while :)