Tuesday, January 02, 2007

An empty post...

A few random observations -

- VFS' website - the website India goes to book its US visa appointments - doesn't work on Firefox. After entering a few details like name, date of birth etc.., I hit the "Submit" button. A "Date Format Exception" stared me in the face. I thought that perhaps the word verification had gone wrong. But alas, it took me a whole 1 hour to figure out that the website wasn't designed to work with Firefox. Duh. Some careless developer has broken the cardinal rule of them all: Always Handle Exceptions.

- I felt sorry for Saddam as I watched his final moments. Being taunted by other men before dying is not a pleasant sensation. And to make his humiliation public is even worse. No matter what his deeds were, he deserved a quiet, peaceful death...:(

-I think its time for me to stand up for a few, good movies. "Thiruvilayadal Arambam" (Dhanush, Shriya, Prakashraj) is not a great movie. Yet it is a super-duper hit. "Sivapathigaram" is a sensible, watchable movie. Yet it fails at the box-office. I really don't understand the taste of our junta anymore. I also liked Vettaiyadu Vilayadu and Jillunu or Kadhal. But they're failures at the B.O? What in the world is happening? Don't decent movies have a chance anymore in TN?

- Two recent cases shocked me to the core: the child murders of Noida and the Saligramam murder of a young boy by three other teenagers. Somehow, child murders in India have more shock value for me than hearing about those in the US. Talk about prejudice! How can men live with murdering children? Is their sexual appetite so insatiable that kids are not exempt? Why is it that men are so much more infinitely capable of cruelty than women? Or am I just being biased? From the rapes of Darfur to these murders in India, men seem to occupy centerstage when it comes to violating the dignity of human life..:( I am saddened.

- I have no New Year's resolutions! :) Yipppeeee!

- And I am going to be home for Pongal which makes me infinitely happy! :) Back to the festive colors, the rangolis, the sumptuous food and the comfort of parents....sigh! :)


prabukarthik ramalingam said...

To be honest website is not the only thing that irritates ppl in US consulate. Thats only the beginning...But ippo laam yedho 10 days la appointment kedakurahda kelvi..:)

Those who killed those children maybe men biologically, but mentally they r just sick creatures... Men oda classify pannadha!

And coming to movies, Vettayadu vilayadu is a hit.

All da best for yr india trip.

Sayee said...

VV was the biggest hit of the year. SOK was a pretty ordinary(IMO BAD !!) movie which had good songs in it and lots of women I know loved it becoz of Surya.

Thiru. Aarambham is just a fun and senseless movie (from what I have read and heard) but the ppl. liked for the exact same reason.

In fact good off-beat movies did very well in the BO in TN this year. VV , Thiruttu Payalae , Chithuram Pesuthadi , Pattiyal were all different subjects with different treatments and all were hits.

The key for a movie to become a hit in TN is timing and marketing. (Think Oscar Ravichandran )

Have Fun in India...Try to catch Pokkiri,Aalwar and Paruthi Veeran in the theaters , cant beat watching movies in the theater !

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

Happy New Year; Have a good trip to India :)

Adiya said...

VFS migration happened last year and US consulate gave 3 strong reason to move ahead.
1. Cost from ttvisa ( they are gained some 150Rs per visa )
2. create more secured environment and avoid hoax booking. ( still i am hearing there are shorts to get dates though vfs is changing the workflow rules )

3. Usability :) no comments

I got a forward of saddham thing but the insane part is people continusouly forwarding the same.. first thing i completely deleated the email and stopped seeing it. hanging a man is a cruel thing then forwarding that hanging is 100times cruel.. ( but i feel most of them didnot get that )

--> இனிய பொங்கல் / விடுமுறை / travel வாழ்த்துகள்

viswajith.k.n said...

For starters, I thought V V was a hit in TN...didnt c SOK, so no idea abt that...Danush's movies have never been great...Sadaam Hussain? Sorry not willing to comment, coz there are much more important issues to talk abt...murdering kids...if thats the case then the one's involved are not men...they are brutal animals...nyways u have a gud india trip and a fun time there...happy pongal!!!

Priya said...

enjamaai magale!!!

RS said...

Have fun in India! And do come back with observations to rival Venky's email :)

Viji said...

pudhu varusham.. pudhu template.. kalakkare subha!

Anonymous said...

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ashokla said...

I also found the hardway that Firefox has problems while getting an apt thru vfs. Most of the people working in the consulate are totally rude. The only thing that was positive about their system was that they give priority to people with little kids and Oldies.
Hey, eppa vara India-ku? Chennai consulate-aa illa mumbai-aa?k

Subha said...


Hmm..well, heard initially that VV was a failure. And certainly, in NJ where I watched it, movie-goers were disappointed by the lack of a "comedy-track"..duh. Anyways, Thiru. Arambham sucks because Dhanush tries to be Rajini which he can't be!

Venky K,
Thanks and wish u the same.


I guess its alright for the most part except for these hiccups..I found the VFS people very helpful over phone..

Subha said...

happy pongal to u too!



aamaam semma kalakkals dhaan..:P

hopefully the mumbai consulate isn't as bad..:(

Voracious Blog Reader said...

" Is their sexual appetite so insatiable.... "

I wonder what the men folk would do, if they were raped by women.

Voracious Blog Reader