Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hero's name is "Valluvan" the Vallavan. He becomes "Pallan" because he decides that being ugly, clumsy and annoying will impress Nayantara. Idhu enna logic?? Adhu Simbu-kku mattum dhaan puriyum nu ninaikkiren. He does do a good job of acting like "Kalyanaraman" Kamalhassan including dancing to the remixed number "Aaha Vandhurichu". But why this is essential to the main plot beats me! He spouts a few chauvinistic, pyscho dialogues from time to time and turns around and says:

"Ippadi ellam naan sollalaam..aana naan solla matten yennaa...blah blah.."

Mr. Simbu, ippo dhaane idhellam sonna? Apram enna solla matten-nu oru dialogue? He has some wonderful, logic-less scenes all over the place in the movie.

Reema Sen looks awful without make-up. But she has done an excellent job of acting like a pyscho. I, personally, liked her performance. Nayantara seriously stinks big time! Yuck.

Simbu, for all his self-generated hype, fails to give a hit. I saw one of his press releases where he praised this movie to the skies. Romba dhaan nenappu!

Music stinks. One question for the music director: Why in the world is there a kuttichathan, pisasu type laughter in the background each time Reema Sen is shown? Surely, this is no Vittalacharya movie. To add to the misery, Simbu croons a couple of numbers. He isn't a bad singer but then, his abilities are limited and it shows in the compositions. There's too many finger swishing, whoosh-whoosh sounds.

The cameraman seems to have gone haywire. My head started spinning after watching 30 mins of the movie. Lots of zooming, rotating,back and forth shots etc... Makes the viewer annoyed rather than entertained.

Jillunu oru Kadhal:

Contrary to reviews, I liked this movie. Jo-Surya chemistry sizzles on screen. The acting is natural and flows. A rather improbable plot but I thought it was decently picturized. Bhoomika's transformation from the first to second halves seems rather unreal and startling. The girl who acts as Jo's daughter does an excellent job! Of course, music pathi edhuvume solla was superb!

I thought it was a decent watch.

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Uma Srinivasan said...

Hi Subha,

I've read many of your posts and love them all.

Vallavan - not seen this movie yet..but very nice and detailed review..paavam Simbhu.."Romba dhaan nenappu.." made me laugh..I think I would not watch this movie now!

Jillunu Oru Kadhal - loved this movie. It's been a while since I enjoyed a good thamizh movie..

Take care now,


Prabu Karthik said...

SoK ku nee dhaan modal +ve comment kuduthiruka!

And Chimpu padam neeyellam padam parthirukave koodadhu...
review kandippa kuduthirukka koodadhu...not worth it.

He says his film's opening was comparable to Rajini film's opening. avan oru specimen(avanga appa madhiri) avlo dhaan!

Adiya said...

mm ur right. coming to vallan music i strongly feel simbu fiddles around the interim part which makes certain BGM in awkward mode. check out paruthi veeran first folky subject for yuvan and externmely used folk or village singers...

any way good post and i can few of the latest forwards for thi spost. :)

Heroes next film titles.....
Rajini: Sivaji, MGR, Geminiganesan,Nagesh……..

Vijaykanth: Dharmapuri, Masala poori, Chola poori , Pani poori….

Arya: Vattaram, Muconam, Chathurangam….

Vijay: Sachin, Dravid, Kumble, Dhoni……

Surya: 6, 7,8 ,9 ….

Jeeva: E, Erumbu, Kosu, Kambilipoochi…..

SharathKumar: Thalaimagan, Chithappamagan, Athaimagan, Marumagan….

Ajith: Varalaru,, Areviyal, Kanakku, English…

Kamal: Vetaiyadu Vilayadu, Kabadi Vilayadu, Olinju Vilayadu……

Anonymous said...

Hi Uma,


SoK is much, much better than Vallavan or any of the trash that Vijay dishes out in his movies.

I hope Chimpu is more than just the air balloon that his dad was! Because in all fairness, he does act well!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Sorna said...

I strongly accept your views about vallavan, thats the worst movie I have ever seen.
And Sok is a good movie and i don't know, why it didn't fare well in theatres

Anonymous said...

romba naalukku aprom i am reading blogs as the internet problem still persists..

sama superb post on vallavan... sama thuppal..ennayum minji ne thupita.. simbukku talent aahaa ohoo.. ellam right dhaan...

adakkame illa so 'aar irul dhaan'...'kuraikudaamaai' koothaadaraan...thats why it takes so long for him to give a hit though he IS talented..

reg jillunu oru kaadhal..i totally disagree with you...i cant see why my friend subha is liking such 'emotionally gummy' movie..and this is not the subha i met..

ofcourse surya jo chemistry works.otherwise this movie wud be in trash immediately..

it sticks to us so much and i feel like saying ' ippo enangra ??'. jo's final act is too too much..

Anonymous said...

i was dragged to watch sill.. i kept waiting for the twist in the story.. all i got was 'the end'.. music wise it was ok.. vallavan stinks big time tho.

prav said...

Hi Subha,

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Thanks & Regards,