Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Soft corners

I ran into an old Asan Memorial school-mate of mine in Orkut. I had a crush on him while in school ( yeah, yeah, that was a really long time back when I was in 6th grade). It was actually a kind of collective crush. A lot of my friends traveled via the school bus. And he traveled via Pallavan. We used to lean out the window and giggle whenever we passed the busstop where we was waiting for his bus... :-) Our day was made if he turned around and gave us a smile. Thinking back, I think he must've thought - "Oh, what a bunch of cute kids!" - which is really not what we hoped for but then ignorance was bliss.

He was 6 years our senior. We never found out his name until after he graduated from school. We heard that he wasn't exactly, err - pleasant company. None of it mattered. We were just having giggly, girly fun!

The funny thing is I still have a soft corner for him. All these years past and I still giggled when I saw his profile pic in Orkut. He is still cute and I am not in love with him. But I wonder if we always carry around soft corners in our hearts for our past crushes, loves, flames etc... There's nothing like completely erasing these hidden shadows from the past! I find it really weird when I read about stories of intense love turning into intense hate or psycho-like behaviour. How can you ever dislike someone you once liked? Isn't it like disliking a part of yourself?

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Muthukumar Puranam said...

I dunno how many of TVS lakshmi are thinking abt me like this. Hope someone from orkut conatacts me telling the same :). Che.oru hot guya irukarthu evlo kashtamappa

Freeyavedu said...

good one. I agree that we always have a soft corner.

Prabu Karthik said...

naan kooda unnoda orkut crush ku dhaan link kuduthirkiyo nu nenachen

>>There's nothing like completely erasing these hidden shadows from the past

chancey ledhu!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree :)

Zeppelin said...

totally agree.. sometimes i get annoyed when some "practical" people tell me to "let go" and "move on" and this and that..

i enjoy that feeling when a simple thought of a past crush brings a smile to my face.. just a little happy moment to myself..:)

nice post...:)

Anonymous said...


kavalaiye padadheenga, lex-la ungalukkaga pala fans kathuttu irukkaanga! :)


hehehehe avlo muttalthanam panna matten...


moving on and letting go is different. Even something you've moved on past can bring a smile to your face --- in fact, only that which you've gotten over can bring a smile...otherwise, it probably causes a grimace!

Muthukumar Puranam said...

nee ipdi ellam damage panna venam..naan erkanave nondhu noodles aagi iruken :(. nee vera thaniya ethi vittu thalli vida venam..body la adi vizhatha parte illai..kai pulla mathiri iruken.

Anonymous said...

thalai ezhuthu :)-
ennavo po!!!
no time no talk...i know.. i know. en lex varigaikkaaga neenga ellam wait panreenga:)-

will call u soon..

Anonymous said...

You can never forget school time crushes aaaa... Hmmmm especially for the ones whoom you hava a soft corner

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

I am sitting here, ROTFL.

Anonymous said...

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Prabu Karthik said...

un profile parthen...

Age: 25
Gender: female
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Zodiac Year: Rooster
Industry: Student

Murali, Mohan, Satyaraj ku aprom rombo naal student a irundhadhu nee dhaan ninaikiren...

profile la industry ya mattum maathina nalla irukkum ;p

Anonymous said...

naaluku naal unga lollu adhigaama dhaan pogudhu..

Sridhar said...

elai muthukumaraa lakshmi school ponnunga ninaikkaraangaLo illayO setupati pasanga kayyila seruppa vachchikkittu nikkiraa(i)nga unakku kaathikkittu. that way ur too hot no kustam...cha..kashtam :)

How can you ever dislike someone you once liked?
i think it is built-in one's behaviour. liking bordering to the level of possessiveness turns out to be dislike/hate,for some, due to some expectation mismatch.

Subha said...

PB, unga popularity pathi ungalukke therlai..

Priya, enna kashtam? :) yeah yeah seekram lex ku vaa..

kishore, will check out your blog!

venky k, :)

pk, neenga enna vigilance department-a?

HN said...

Hmmm...I guess that there is an intial backlash(we could be naive enough to attribute it to the vagaries of the human mind,not wanting to accept that the mind and "I" are one and the same)..but ultimately stability is achieved after a bit of rational thinking.At the you end we still like that person that we once had a soft corner for....I still skip a heart beat when i see someone I liked once upon a time...

Prabu Karthik said...

thank u:)

naan CBI apppeesar (gaptun rasigana paathu vigilance adhu idhu nu ketta varthai la thittra grrrr..)

Anonymous said...

it depends on every individual. first impressions may not always be correct. but yeah, once you do like someone then i guess it is hard to not like that person at a later stage.. maybe thats why everyones adviced to have a detached-attachment !

Anonymous said...

nyways wats life without soft corners or crushes! no spice at all...