Monday, July 10, 2006

Indian movies and Love

I was reading a bunch of Tamil movie reviews on Indiaglitz. Either its love or violence for our storywriters. In a land where most get married by 30(love or arranged) and most marriages last through life (unlike other countries), why is there so much obsessing about love and marriage??!? Why can't there be some other meaningful themes?


Prabhu said...

Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi should answer ur qustin.

Its a raja kalathu kadhai and its been a while since I saw one.

Anonymous said...

Coz for people in India, marriage & getting settled is the ONLY THEME(if any) IN LIFE, naturally so do the movies'.

Kishan said...

Well, even if creative movies get made, where is the audience for it?
Tamil is much better. telugu is worse.

There was a period when meaningful movies were made in 90's in telugu by RGV.

Sachita(india) said...

I have thought about it.

But it makes more economic sense. Of all the demographics, 13-30 are the people who have the most enthu to watch movies...

Ofcourse, out of the billions of people, every one of them goes through this emotion....
It's natural that people make movies about it.

Ps: It's not like I like romantic movies..:)

Imsai Iyer the 1st said...

thanks for deleting my 'obscene' comment.

Priya said...

i have thought so much about it
since my 12th class.
Once in 80's and 90's i got a feel that parents are THE enemies for this century, there are other lovers in race and they are THE enemies..

and you see... it creates a feel in the community that no body can live single without loving somebody..any body who is great, talented has to have a lover..

And if there would be tamil movies w/o love, i may not sit to watch a tamil movie as it has pierced into me..