Saturday, February 04, 2006

Scribbles of a jet-lagged mind


t makes for interesting conversations over breakfast when your ears are plugged up with a bad cold. "Could you pass the milk please?" sounded like "Coldshoe shazzame please?". "Austin" sounded like "Boston".

"So, it must be really cold there right now? Man, I can't imagine living there..grr.."

I get a weird look.

"Err..not really. It is warm enough in Austin to be in shorts and flip-flops!"

People are grumpier until after breakfast and your repeating "Pardon me" 100 times only serves to irritate them more! :(


imes Square, NY is a sight for sore eyes on a cold, blistery winter night. The bright neon lights and cheery atmosphere diverted me from mulling over what a cold night it was. A hot masala dosa from 'Saravana Bhavan' on Lexington and 42nd didn't hurt either..:) I let my eyes wander over the soaring skyscrapers brightly silhouetted against the night sky. A hazy fog obscured the top of most buildings. What with the ambience, I felt like I was in Gotham and was half-expecting a Bat Signal to pop up in the sky! :)


t is rather embarassing when you forget to remove the maker's tag from your coats/jackets. Those people just make it harder by having it stitched in. Why not just have something that you can rip off easily? Well, I knew I was supposed to take it off but never got around to it. An airline stewardess in the flight I was in had a patronizing grin each time she passed me. I couldn't think of any reason and I just put it down to one of those human eccentricities. Then, when the flight was about to land, she leaned in and whispered,

"Ma'am, you're supposed to remove this tag."

Considering that I’d walked around all over the place with that stupid tag on, all I could do was nod sheepishly. Talk about embarassing!

[Finally, I did cut the darn thing off when I got home. I guess I need to thank her for that.]


Anonymous said...

Accent thaaney purlai ? Summa Adichu vida koodathu !

Very embarrasing indeed. Sometimes the makers would have their seal printed on their products which is even more disgusting.


Prabhu said...

"Makers woud have their seal imprinted" --- Viking a pathi pesara pola? Tagless ellam vara aarambichuduthe!

hearing austin as boston and describing that place wud be really cold was funny, intha ponnu nuttu case o nnu ninachu iruppaan!

Venky said...

'I t is rather embarassing when you forget to remove the maker's tag from your coats/jackets.'

Hey!! When I told you that 2 months back, I got the look like I was a stupid dumass..followed by 'its stitched in there and is not supposed to come out'

'I guess I need to thank her for that.]'

Yeah rite!!

Subha said...

Accent-a? nee vera, avan endha accent-la pesinaalum, ennoda ears translate panni oru special accent-a dhaan kudukkum..:) avlo mosama oru cold.

naan nut case irukkaradhula, unakku enna santhosham!:)

va vaa..enna da kanome nu paarthen. unakku credit kudukka mudiyaadhu.

Anonymous said...

Hey subhashini, one question. Why do all of ur blogs have some touch of sadness or sth like that ?


Subha said...

@ Anon-I,
This blog sounded sad to you???!??? What can I say! :)

Zeppelin said...

was lexington and 42nd just a coincidence or are you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO obsessed with where you are ? ;)

Kay said...

padikathavan Rajini ippadi thaan cooling glass la irukura tag kalutaaama invistation eduthukittu chennai povaaan enna nee newyork poi iruke avlothaaan vidhyasam :)

Arvind said...

you have stolen my comment...looks like a day of lost-comments :-|

lex to lex - masala dosai ! There are so many interesting narratives behind cold-struck-lingo ;) :-)

You shd consider renaming the post as jet-tagged-mind ;) :P

dinesh said...
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dinesh said...

I get confused somtimes with some of these name brand tags as well. I don't know if they put it so you can walk around looking fashionable ? Or take the pain of cutting it with pin point precision, miss a little and your shirt's gone ?

Blistery cold night ? More like a "Can't believe it's this warm on february 2 nd" night ! :)

Subha said...

what to do, the spirit of Lex seems to be everywhere..:))
parava illai, edho Rajini oda compare panninadhaale unnai mannikkaren..:)
jet-tagged? !
For the nth time, it was NOT warm..!!! :)

Arvind said...

since the enlightenment to your 'mind' about the usage of 'tag' was showered upon you on a 'jet' - it can be aptly titled as jet-tagged-mind, as opposed to jet-lagged-mind...