Thursday, February 23, 2006


I was driving back from lunch via the UK (Univ of Kentucky) campus. At the corner of S.Limestone and Virginia, a young man was holding up a "Jesus forgives your past. Just ask." placard. I used to see such signs often when I was in Louisiana.

What does God forgive? Anything in the past? What if all those 'anythings' were stuff we did knowingly/deliberately? Would just repentance suffice? I mean, if we had a God who forgave us everything and absolved us of all consequences of our actions, we would all grow indifferent. I don't think humans function without incentives..:) God may forgive us but I think it is too much to ask for release from our actions! So, if I were a grad student (which I am) and I didn't do my paper despite repeated warnings from my professor that I may get an 'E' if I don't hand it in today, God would definitely forgive me but I would still get an 'E'. Fair enough? I think so..:)


Kay said...

I concur with what you say...mere repentance for your deliberate actions will not fetch you forgivance, maybe it can help preventing you from doing the same mistake again.
Speaking of God's forgivance is a little abstract topic but it can be very well translated to Humans...
As Pope said "To forgive is Devine". It is important for us to forgive others who have done wrong to us. Even if the person at fault did not plead you, still you have to as it is not a favor you are doin to that person, it is actually a favor that you do it to yourself. Just ask this simple question " Am i goin to waste my energy on this ??? " If the answer is "No" thats it u can very well forgive that person.

My words of wisdom on Forgiveness, trust me i follow it too.

"Forgive but never forget"

Viji said...
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Viji said...

The catch is in "Just Ask". It probably means, ask to be forgiven through your deeds. (Not just "Sorry, God")
There should be some concrete reparation and amends made for what has been done. Everybody should be given a fair chance, even for stuff they did deliberately, provided they repent for it.
And I think we won't feel indifferent, if God forgave and absolved us of everything. Sometimes, forgiveness can be a punishment in itself.
I don't mean forgiveness will be accompanied by an incentive. If you deserved an E and got an E, you cannot classify it as a punishment, nor can you ask for forgiveness, because it's something you're doing to yourself, of your own free will. That's fair!

Muthukumar Puranam said...

"Jesus forgives your past. Just ask."
totally right. Who is jesus? where is the past, present, future situated? who is forgiven? everything is a abstract concept. We cannot question others faiths. Dont they say we are idiots to think all powerful god is situated in an idol? Let us not pass comments on others beleifs.

ak said...

hehe..."thattungal thirakka padum... kelungal kodukka padum.."


Subha said...

I was not thinking about forgivance between people. I was just kinda wondering about how we do weird things and then just say "God, forgive me."..:)
Regarding what you said, my policy is "Forgive and forget". It doesn't pay to keep things in mind. Someone once said that "a bad memory is the key to a successful life"..:)

Subha said...

I am just saying that forgivance without the liability of facing upto consequences will make us indifferent! Let's say X robs a store. He comes out, asks forgiveness of God. God forgives him and then lets him escape. X is definitely more prone to do the same thing again and again! Just because there is no punishment (incentive to keep from doing something)..:)

Subha said...

This is not a commentary on any particular religion. You can substitute "Jesus" on the placard for any other God of your choice..:)

Subha said...

unnai maadhiri simple-a yosicha prachinaiye illai ulagathila! :))

Anonymous said...

Doing things deliberately and then getting off the hook with a remission will only make people grow indifferent. I quite agree with the post.


Kay said...


When i say "Forgive and never forget" i was talking on different level. For eg If you are doin business with someone and he betrays ur confidence, the thing you can do is to forgive him (if you want to) and should never forget what he did to you...beacause forgiving and forgetting what he did to you and continue doin business with him gonna cost you more.

But i think u were talking in the level of our friends and people around us where they do some wrong to us, though bothered us a little but not a real serious impact and in those cases i absolutely agree "Forgive and Forget" is the way to go.

Aaana nee "Before forgive" antha kannamoliya vetchi morai onnu moraipiye athukuapram forgiveness kidacha enna kidikaaati enna ella onnu thaaan ;)

None said...

sometimes i think they stretch the forgiveness part a bit too much. actually, there is a another aspect to it, "repent and be forgiven?" i dunno if that makes better sense to you. not that it will reverse anything, but they say remorse makes man a better being! whatever!


IBH said...

have u watched desperate housewives's one particular episode?? where Eva Longoria before commiting a sin goes and confesses to her pastor and then commits the sin....for twisting the life of a nun that too :)

i think god is being used for all wrong purposes :)

nicely written Subha :)

Hellboy said...

Earl Hickey, be with me here - be assured, none of our actions go unanswered.

god absolves all our wrong doings, but his distant cousin Karma settles the accounts.

Anonymous said...

i hav not met r seen god and hope the same with u 2 :p

when does 1 think of asking GOD for forgiveness - at some stage when we repent for our actions..

penitence is a sign of conscience..

consciene is what is GOD to the rationalists..

concept of forgivance is confused with confession..i met a beautiful mind once who said this "i dont believe in god but believe in u and more so in me"

anbe sivam


PS. every1 has asked forgiveness at some point, do v ever know if GOD forgaveth..

Muthukumar Puranam said...

when asked properly all ur sins are forgiven and taken into god. That is a very great philosohy. Arunagirinathar life is one such example, thulasidas, thondaradi podi nu sollite polam. It is different philosophy altogether. Mundane activities ku fit panni pakka kooadathu.

Prabu Karthik said...

asking for forgiveness to god is just a .. well formality.

if u really want to change then u r forgiven i guess, for thats why u want to change.

adhu illama chumma making a scene for forgiveness etc betrays more than anything else a lack of intent to change.

just insecurity...

chances r u will repeat the same mistakes..

i think true forgiveness is implied and does not involve the process of asking for it and being granted etc.

Idhu enna H1 Visa va? kettu vanga?

Peter said...

Do you really want your past to be forgiven and to have a new life, then just ask and then you see the power of God taking over, it is unimaginable. Please, it is free and really worth a try! Jesus loves you! God bless.