Friday, February 17, 2006

Everyday gyaan

I don't mean to sound like a finishing school Miss but at some point or the other, every hostess has an overriding anxiety: how to keep your guests entertained. It may not even be a formal party but any successful host/hostess should know to keep the conversation flowing. At least, I feel that way..:)
Our driver, Sanjay, came up to our apartment in Mumbai to drop off a few grocery and vegetable bags. Mom was making some delicious food judging by the aroma that wafted from the kitchen. I asked him to stay back and eat. He settled himself in the sofa. My brother was sitting nearby, engrossed in some puzzle, oblivious to his surroundings. Looking at the two of them, one would've thought they had sworn not to talk to each other. Then, one of my dad's friends walked in and started reading some magazine. They seemed perfectly okay with the silence. I tried to talk but got monosyllables from each of them in reply.

Drat, I thought.

Then, out of a need to do something with my hands, I switched on the TV. India was playing Pakistan (Replay of the day's game) and immediately, three heads shot up in unison above papers and magazines like prairie dogs alerted to a scent..:) Now, I don't mean any disrespect when I say that except that's what really crossed my head at that time!

"You think Harbhajan bowled well today?"
"He did as well as he could."
"M.S. Dhoni is in crackling form!"
"I hope they beat the hell out of Afridi tomorrow!"
"The curators have designed awful pitches, yaar..if only they had something in it for the bowlers!"
"Nah..batsmen's pitches are anyday more interesting."
And more cricket talk followed. Meanwhile, I was thinking that M.S Dhoni's hair color looked rather nice..:)
I sighed in relief. At least, they are engaged, I thought. So how do you entertain an old man, a teenager and a young man, all with differing personalities?! Just put a TV in the middle, tune onto some game and leave them alone..:))

P.S: I used to follow cricket myself and I do notice more than players' hairstyles and coloring..:) I enjoy it every bit but then, I don't think I can ever hope to match a guy's appetite for it!


Anonymous said...

your blog reminds me of the dialogue in everybody lovesraymond ad in tbs ... "golfing has always been a hot button issue between us ..."

still wonder ... y women arent interested in watchin sports ... I bet its one of the girl things ...

Anon - I

Prabu Karthik said...

Had a hearty laugh:)
Cricket is an obsession among indian men:)

Prabhu said...

Kadhaiya mudikkave illaiyee...
Antha moonu perukkum Soru vachiyaa illaiyaa?

Anonymous said...

play the game and you'd have the appetite for more cricket and food!

Sorna said...

cricket aa pathi enna nenacha, its a binding factor of all(most of the) indians