Saturday, December 17, 2005

Travel Myths Gone Bust

There are certain travel myths that go completely bust when you go on vacation. I learnt this a longways back. When I was a green teenager, I imagined I'd come down the airport escalators carelessly swinging a fashionable handbag across my shoulder, looking fresh as a cucumber, my hair-do perfect and untouched, my skin glowing, sporting a Colgate smile on my face. A mirthful greeting with adoring parents and friends replete with bouquets, hugs, chocolates et al..completed my imagination. Blame it on all the airport scenes in our movies with our Simrans, Preity Zintas and Rani Mukherjees..:)
Reality bites. You are greeted by serpentine immigration queues; you are lugging two rather heavy hand baggages across the airport; your flight has already been delayed a couple of hours; the flight food really did taste like dog-food and you haven't had anything to eat for the past 24 hours; you misplaced your moisturizer somewhere and your skin looks all dehydrated; to top it all, your feet are cramped and swollen from hours of sitting in the same position. All in all, everytime I get out of a flight, I doubt I look anything near fresh and energetic...:)
The other travel myth that personally doesn't hold for me is the concept of "in-flight reading". I generally find lots of people at airports with their noses buried in books, laptops, memos and what-not. I figured that this time I was going to be one of those people. I was going to be immersed in some book oblivious to the world around me and just look up when the boarding call is announced. With that grandiose vision in mind, I took "Freakonomics" with me. Guess what happened? I couldn't keep my eyes on the book long enough for me to finish one page! The reason is because I see people all around me and it interests me. The young mother who struggles to deal with her baby, an old couple laughing into each other's eyes as they carry on some mundane conversation on yet another journey, executive types who are engrossed in their work, nervous people who shift their weight as they sit around waiting for flights, young teens giggling about a cute guy sitting opposite them...the list is endless! I may never see them again but its interesting to notice a fragment of their lives. How many different shades people do come in! No two people look alike. No two behave alike. The study of humanity is the most interesting thing there is in this world...:)
That’s my two minutes of introspection and philosophy at the airport. And with that, goes me reading “Freakonomics”…sigh.


TJ said...

Good. Hope ur flight wasnt all that bad ;)

Hmm. thats called fight sickenss ;)
Also, books are a part of travel, only when u think the journey is boresome, and you need to put ur mind on something to get over it.

On the other hand, if u r somebody [like me, even wanting to take the public transport to work often, for the pleasure it gives on meeting and observing people]who enjoys travelling, catching up with the surroundings, then u can enjoy the trip much more than what u wud do with the book.

Zeppelin said...

books are BORING !!!!!! especially on a flight.. but i open a page if I decide to sleep.. and it pretty much has never let me down..

fortunately i dont have to worry about my moisturizer and I dont think you need to be looking fresh and energetic after an 18 hour long flight (the last time I went it was 18 hours..).. heck, you are supposed to be tired... :) arent you ?

well, the story is different if you are going to meet your *sweetie*... then you'd have to worry about looking good for him and smelling great and having a colgate or whatever smile it is that you prefer... ;)

overall, too much thinking for a flight journey... my opinion take it as it comes.. :)

however, a cool post.. :)

Prabu Karthik said...

zeppelin has a point:)
yaarai parka poromgaradhai poruthu

After a long journey, i more often look like an al-umma terrorist and the worst critic of that face is the one who created it - my mom:)

Saranya Kishore said...

Nice post!
Totally agree with one looking like a terrorist and very un-like what is portrayed in the movies! :)

You carefully choose what clothes to wear, do your hair, put some cream, only all of it vanishes when its time to meet your folks! :)
One good option would be to freshen up yourself, one hour before landing. That way you dont look all that messy.

Subha said...
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Subha said...

flight wasn't that bad..I ended up watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Enjoyed Johnny Depp's performance..that man is versatile..:)

I have decided that even if I am going to meet my *sweetie*, I can't look any better getting out of a flight. But I have seen some people look fresh and debonair even if they've been on long flights!

Subha said...

"terrorist" nu ivlo freeya ezhudhadeenga..pudichu ulla pottuda poraanungo..:)
One hour before landing, my feet are usually so cramped up and I am fed up with the flight. All I want to do is get off the flight and stretch a bit...:)

Ram said...

Did u have the same feeling when you went to US from here for the first time or it all vanished because of the excitement of going to USA....

Vivek said...

There are glaring flaws in this blog, but you redeem yourself through humor; the choice of the book seems to be dictated by what tops the bestseller list; and that may or may not make the best travel reading. In fact, reading while traveling (and I like watching people too) is highly effective in letting me read as amany novels as I do per year; so don't give up on the idea yet:)!

ak said...

I have decided that even if I am going to meet my *sweetie*, I can't look any better getting out of a flight.

you cant look any better ... or you just dont want to.. Its all in your mind.. also depends on your sweetie.. if he expects to see you all decked up, then blame it on him.. :)

hellboy said...

"After you get to where you are going, take your shoes and socks off. then walk around and do fists with your toes. works better than a hot shower and cup of coffee"
- as told to John Mcleann (Bruce Willis) in Die Hard.

Ok, this tip is a little late but you can use this on your return trip :-)

Gopinath Sundharam said...

Ooooh.. it took me nearly 2 hours to read your posts till Dec 2005 from your current post. Great style in narrating things that happened to you...

You have been tagged in my blog list now. :)

Kalaku Subha.. keep it coming.