Thursday, October 27, 2005

Why do all healthy things have to be SO unappetizing? I decided to give my poor body a break from the Subway, Taco Bell, Trumps, BK House food I've been nourishing (?! I can hear my stomach say "yeah right!") it with this week. So I decided I'd go the healthy way at least for one day. I made spinach dal and boiled some vegetables. I am staring at my lunch now and pondering how on earth I am going to finish this healthy "serving" of veggies for lunch. I don't remember having any such trepidations when consuming onion rings, egg rolls, taco salads and burritos. Oh, why does health have to be so hard? :(


Arjuna_Speaks said...

this is quite amusing :) - I also put up a post on my health issue and u also put something on health - ho this what they say "great minds think alike" :P - lol

Naveen said...

It seems you have graded the american food in total to be unhealthy :) Well, its our (Indian) perception that eating Roti and Palak is healthy while eating sandwiches and salads is not..:), not many of us understand that the american food is rich in proteins and carbs, may be, a bit too much :)

hellboy said...

spinach dal and boiled vegetables sounds like heaven. wish i could lay my hands on it. I will finish that in no time.

its the onion rings, egg rolls, burritos (especially from taco bell and del taco) and the other fried foods that i have problem eating without feeling bad.


Sridhar said...

just pour a pint of sour cream, smear two flat-table-spoon full of goucamole and garnish with shrudded cheddar cheese. ofcourse get a diet coke. u dont need any reason to stare at "healthy" food pathetically.

subramoni said...

All good things seem hard at first glance and all bad things easy. If you think of your body as your temple, there should be no trepidations while eating your spinach dal and vegetables. Good luck.

Muthukumar Puranam said...

when people like me do lotta talk and do nothing, you walk the talk. You are really great.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Not at all.!! don't live in California.! There are some very nice options.! Organic burgers, veggie burgers etc.etc.

Believe me..Its been a long time since I at in any fast food joints. My kids stopped after watching 'Supersize me'.

If you ever come to the bay area let me know...I'll show you the varieties around.!

I am a health freak ( I guess a lot of virgos are!!) and I am particular about not eating junk food.!!

Anonymous said...

Gee, the food is telling you that you need to improve your cooking skills not that healthy food is not appetizing :-)

Siva said...

I have asked the same question to myself a zillion times and everytime I can come up with only one answer.. Everything comes with a price..

kishan said...

I guess its not just health...things which are gud for us, are almost always unapetizing...

Sridhar said...

navukkarasaa irundhaa parava illai naavu-arasaa irundhaa thappu

nalladhu naallaa irukkaadhu
nallaa irukkaradhu nalladhu kidayaadhu

appadeennu sollureenga ellaarum...hmm.

guess by now subha had stopped taking lunch. if so we will write yet another stream of comments to that blog :)

Binsk said...

I love Taco Bell. And now that you have said it out loud I need some! :)

dinesh said...

"Naan samaichadhu enakke pidikkale". Avlo dhaan matter.Idhukku 12 comments veraya? Somebody sure is popular around here :)

TJ said...

For the last 5 years, i have a practice. One day in a week[generally tuesdays], with non-cooked food.
Fruits, grated carrot/beetroots with lemon, sprouted grams/chickpeas, juices, salads.
Believe me, the amount of refreshment i get through that is amazing.

Jeevan said...

Where are you in US Friend? just to know.:)

Subha said...

there is a corollary to "great minds think alike" which I hope nobody realizes..I am not going to quote it here..LOL
American food is not unhealthy, in general. It is the fast food joints that are unhealthy.
Actually, after reading your comment I was feeling rather good about my spinach dal...*GRIN*.

Subha said...

your recipe for me to go straight to the doctor in 10 years? :)

how I wish I had your determination. I usually do eat healthy but this week has been particularly bad.


Narayanan sir,
Organic food? I guess healthy foods are available here is just that right now, I have too many other things going on to think of such healthy albeit difficult options..:))

i have tolerable cooking skills. I just don't exercise them..:) Note the difference.

Subha said...

Siva, true.
Perhaps. But I don't have any qualms following other good things..:)
Unga comments purinjakkave mudiyalaiye...LOL..just kidding. Naan poi naavarasu nu sonnaa adhai vida oru periya poi indha ulagathila kidaiyaadhu...:)

Subha said...

had your tacos? :)
naan samaikkave illai-ngradhu dhaan matter-e..:))
seems like a good plan.
I am in Lexington, KY, the famed Bluegrass Region!

Anand Ramamoorthy said...

Happy Diwali


Rags said...

Kuch paneke liye Kuch khona padtha hai.

Injikadan Mathai said...

thats a pretty impressive diet..lived off spinach dhal (trust me day in and day out) for about 6 months till i managed to learn to cook somethin different...hmm from experience its pretty easy to digest...