Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Being Serious...

I have decided to become serious. I mean, really. Sometimes you have these "Aaahhhaa!" moments. News just filtered in from the grapevine back home that I don't act my age *because* I smile and talk easily (I'd have understood if I was given other reasons for not acting my age!). That's right, people. Since this is a big insult, I am going to frown all the time. No more smiling. And no more easy talking.
I am going to crib all day long about how I am used to velvet beds and satin sheets in the US; about how I don't like the dirt and dust in India; about the roadside stall Milaga Bajjis; about the crowds, buses and public transports. And I am going to find faults with every single little thing that my hosts offer me- from the coffee that is just a bit off consistency to the dosa which could've used some more salt. I will permanently keep my face screwed up like a GEM (Ginger eating monkey or "Inji thinna kurangu") whenever I talk to family. And to complete the picture, maybe I will take exception to the saree that some maami is wearing when I visit her and I'll decide to throw a tantrum that she was wearing her worst saree just because I was going to visit her that day! Maybe then I will seem more "adult-like" and "normal".

Coming to think of it, I never did think I smiled/laughed too much. My bro used to think I was a "serious" person. See, this is why you need brothers. They will make you feel much better with their support..:) So, let's have a toast to the new "serious", adult-like me!

P.S: I somehow feel that all the above is not going to be possible because I like sleeping on the floor, the dirt, dust and noise in India, the roadside stall food, crowds, public transport. I find it very hard to find faults with people for silly things and even if I do, I forget them. And, I think, the hardest part is going to be the stopping smiling part. Life is too short to keep bad memories..:)


Sriram C S said...

Sheesh you are thinking of growing up!!! Yuck!!! ungga pEchchu kA!! :P

Arjuna_Speaks said...

" I am going to frown all the time. No more smiling. And no more easy talking"

How I wish I could be like that all the time :( - I keep on laughing all the time and I sometimes wonder whether I am buffoon or what!

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Just remembered - even if I smile or not - my face is like ITM (Inji thunna Monkey) :(

Anonymous said...

Unga Family-ku INJI-na romba pudikkumO?


Brat said...

I thought you were going to say

"I am not going to do all the things said in the first para !!!"


Naveen said...

Hey, you mean, one should become impassive after the age of 20? Nope, keep smiling and dont pay too much attention to what you hear thru the grapevine. A Smiling face is an asset!

Jeevan said...

life is only one time, keep on smiling. dont keep your face like "GEM" keep it as a flower.

Siva said...

Someone once told me, smile, smile and smile whenever you could. You never know when you would make someone's day with that smile.. Nice blogs.. Keep it up...

RS said...

Hmm, given the n*22 list of crazy emails we have been exchanging here, I doubt we can be very serious Subha :)

IBH said...

now, learn the tricks and pass it on to me! I have tried many a times but allin vain :)

Sridhar said...

iLichcha vaayaa irukkaadha-nnu veet maakkaL solluradhu oru kuraiyaa ;)

Sridhar said...

however, when u have decided become a GEM, it seems the whole tiruchi turned gloomy and to aaththify that sOgam it is midhandhufy in thaNNi :)

Subha said...

I guess we all have to grow up sometime..:)
???! I thought that's what I said..
ppl just expect one to be so serious and responsible...sigh..

Subha said...

yeah I kinda tend to agree that smiling does help..
whenever I think I am serious, those emails stare at me from my inbox and I lose all hope of ever being serious..:))
i think its something that's going to elude me also..:)
aaha, kavidhai! kavidhai! Naan mugam suLikka, Thiruvarangam azhudhadho..! seri, I will stop before someone decides to murder me..:)

Raju said...

Plz dont change yourself for whatever reasons.. try to do what comes best to you.. Veetle sonna adhu generation gap problem.. try to convince them.

Anonymous said...

u were sayin u dont knw if blooper word even exisits ... its there in dictionary ... may be ur subconscious mind new it.

blooper: an embarrassing public blunder


Prabu Karthik said...

series parallel laam venaam.
happya iru.

Subha said...

idhu generation gap problem ellam illai. My parents are chill..:)

Zeppelin said...

cha...appo namma BUFFALO farm idea avolodhana... :(