Sunday, October 02, 2005

Beautiful (Sun)Day

I confess that I am guilty of writing similar posts before. But I can't stop myself from eulogizing lazy Sunday mornings..:) After all, what can ever beat listening to your favourite playlist while browsing the latest news on the web, all the while sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee (made in Indian style. Can't stand having black coffee!).

The playlist that I am listening to after a long time and made my day:

Please Forgive me....Bryan Adams
Patience......Guns n Roses
Coming Back to Life....Pink Floyd
Wish You were Here.....Pink Floyd
Could I have this Kiss Forever?....Enrique Iglesias
When you love someone..........Bryan Adams
Bailamos................Enrique Iglesias
Drops of Jupiter........Train
Better Man...............Robbie Williams
Wherever Whenever.....Shakira
Desert Rose...........Sting
Staring at the Sun....U2
With or Without you....U2
Beautiful Day..........U2


Arjuna_Speaks said...

Hey subha - have u listened to "Here I am" - by Brian Adams - that's a good one too!

Kishan said...

Sunday is the worst day for me. Somehow I usually spend it panicking that another working week is ahead again.

Subha, by the way if you have those songs in mp3 format, do you mind sharing??

Sriram C S said... of my friends has been insisting that I listen to Pink Floyd, have been escaping the temptation for long. Let me first get out of Semmangudi and Maharajapuram sometime. BTW, as opposed to lay Sunday mornings, mine are active Sunday nights. Check my BLOG to see why!! :)

RS said...

Getting a blank CD tom to copy your lazy sunday mp3 list :))

Praveen said...

enakku idhellam edhuvumae theriyaathu :D

Please forgive me .. Praveen :)

ak said...

nice collection..have you listened to,

Sting - Lemon Tree, Its Probably Me (with Clapton)

Train - Calling all angels

Bryan Adams - When you're gone(not sure of the song name)..with Mel.C

Clay Aiken - The Way

REM - Nightswimming

Subha said...

I am a major Bryan Adams fan. I have most of his songs..:) yes, I have listened to that song.

Sunday evenings are the worst..but mornings are glorious! And somehow, after a while, you learn to accept the fact that Monday does follow Sunday..sigh.
I have those songs in mp3 but where would I share them?

Subha said...

In music, as in many other things, there is no question of ever "finishing" listening to one genre before switching to another. These are deep the best is to skim the surf simultaneously..
sure thing.
ok, forgiven..:)
of all that you've listed, I have listened to Lemon Tree.

Sriram C S said...

@Subha - Perhaps 'finishing' was misunderstood...the problem is intoxication. Like when you get into a comfort zone and don't want to budge out of it! :) But I shall listen to Pink Floyd someday. And yes about the deep oceans part, sometimes when you go to the ocean not to relax in the sands but to look for pearls, you might have to go deep, even if it means you drown! :)

IBH said...

Subha, thanks for dropping by, btw, u have to watch that movie Hotel Rwanda.:) not just I liked it but it is one good movie...

u must listen to its OST too...! it is a song called

"Million Voices" sung by Wyclef Jean and Orphans of Africa, an NGO that shelters African children who are orphanded by various reasons...those kids did one awesome job!

btw, I listen to loooot of english music...though am not a crazy fan like u for Bryan Adams...there is one song that will never go away from my lips :)
'Please forgive me..." it has lot of memories attahced to it :)

U must (may be u have listened to it by now) "Tell Him" by Bryan Adams with Barbara Streisand..beautiful combination :)

IBH said...

hey subha, correction in the song name..that song is not "Tell HIm" but "I finally found Someone.."...

tell him is by Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion..thanks to Arun...

Anonymous said...

The Sunday song from the Movie "Five Star" is worth listening on Sudays :)


Tamil_virumbiX said...

யக்கா யக்கோவ் ...
தமில் பிலாக் பக்கம் வந்து
எலுதிடு பொக்கா ..
சீக்ரம்-கா ...

Jeevan said...

Good Post