Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Memorial Day Weekend

A weekend to remember. Met J and R after a period of 2 years. Drove to Dayton, picked J up and went to Edwardsville, Illinois to see R. Ate at an Indian restaurant (Punjabi cuisine) in Dayton. Food was thoroughly awesome! To someone who hates Tandoor these days, the food was a suprise to the palate. Drove all night (J did most of the driving) and arrived at 4.30 AM. We had a comedy of sorts trying to find R's house. We were in the vicinity and the roads didn't have any names. We vainly searched for a road named "Center Grove" which proved elusive. Finally, after two people sent us in the wrong direction we managed to find that road. After some confusions about a church (there were two of them), a basketball playground (which was totally invisible to us), a stop sign (stop signs are ubiquitous), R finally managed to get us home.

Trip highlights included visits to the St.Louis Arch, St.Louis Galleria, Priyaa South Indian Restaurant and J Lo's "Monster-in-law". But the evening walk along the Mississippi with two old friends chatting away (J was exasperated because I rarely stopped talking for a few minutes..:)) was my favorite! It was like fitting right into an old hat or an old shoe...:)

All in all, a memorable weekend.

The hot Summer days leave me craving something cool during afternoons. Not being a big fan of soft drinks, I have taken to yogurts for solace. I've been trying new flavors this week. Yoplait's 'White chocolate with raspberry' and 'Chocolate with cherry' are really good. Of course, 'Orange Creme' always will be my fave. Breyer's Fruit Bottom yogurts are cool. It surprised me the first time when I suddenly scooped up some fruit along with yogurt. Yummy!

Songs on my lips today:

1. "Ennai enna Seithai"

Movie: Ivan
Singer: Sudha Raghunathan
Raga: Simhendra Madhyamam

2. "I love you.." and "For all those times.."

Singer: Celine Dion
Album: These are good times

3. "Omkara nadhanu"

Movie: Sankarabharanam

I was listening to the starting beats of "Ennai Thalaatta Varuvaala.." from "Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai". I was expecting Hariharan's voice to break out mellifluously when suddenly I heard Gangai Amaran! Didn't know that a version sung by G.A. existed. Anyway, I didn't like it much. Can imagine Vijai with Hariharan's voice but a big no-no to G.A!

The next song that played was "Vinodhamanavale". We always used this term to describe weirdos and here it was as a song! There's a line that goes "Tholaipesi seithai"?!!!
Making a phone?! I guess "phone seithai"="tholaipesi seithai" but the translation is ridiculous!

That's all, Folks! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Subha...Glad that u enjoyed....its really nice to meet old friends.......we should meet up some time

Anonymous said...

I assume u r a vegetarian. If so, be careful. Some of these Yoghurt brands have gelatin(obtained by boiling animal tissue) in them. If u already knew this, very well. If not, something to keep in mind for the future.

Narayanan Venkitu said...


I used to live in Columbus Ohio, until 1999. One of my late-friends ( passed away last year) lived there.

I heard Wright brothers were buried there. Wanted to visit their graves. Couldn't do it.!

Funny to read that you drove all night. I am afraid of deer. I never drive during nights.

About the songs now - Vinodhamanavalae - Great song. Any idea what movie?

ennai thallaata - I have the same feeling too. I thought it was IR who sang it and not GA.

About yogurt etc, check out Stonyfield farms Organic yogurt. They are yummy.!

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

I lived in St.Louis few years back and is one of my "popular" cities. Did you go up the St.Louis arch?Walking along the river is always fun.

I was in Buffalo,NY visiting my 22mnth nephew. Had a blast.

Prabhu said...

have been hearing about lots of nice indian restaurants off late and am missing indian food badly.

ennai thalatta varuvaala - 2nd version was sung by Ilayaraja,

dont think about vijay singing the song on screen and u will like the ilayaraja rendered one better. i do, esp the ending piece where he hums all along in the back.

virumandi said...
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virumandi said...
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virumandi said...

'White chocolate with raspberry' 'Chocolate with cherry' 'Orange Creme' 'Breyer's Fruit Bottom yogurts'...r u get me all these..??????

Omkara Nadhanu..awesome song..that too the acting by Sowmyarajalu (sure, that spelling is wrong) is still vivid in my memories!!!

yeah..certain words are better off, if left untouched by the efforts of translation.."Vinodhamanavale" is a very good ex.

'telephone mani pol seeripaval ivala' na ...mattum..okva!!!

Anjali said...

came from Ramya;s blog.Grt u enjoyed with old pals.all thes ongs listed are awesome.

thennavan said...

There is a song starting with "Vinodhane" and it seemed pretty good when I heard it for the first time.

I am just not able to remember the name of the movie, well, well, I know it is the same as someone's blogger handle and I know it starts with "Then..."

Wait, wait, I got it!


sb said...

I agree with you on not trying to translate some words.
But IR voice to Vijay, enakku ennamo rendu peroda voince nalla synch irukkunu thonardhu. best example is, listen to the song "Oh Baby Baby" song from the same movie. Adhula "Vizhiyil Vizhi modhi" vocal prelude sounds a lot like IR voice, but interestingly that was sung by Vijay.
But the fact that we are so used to seeing Vijay sing thAlAtta varuvAla inhariharan's voice is the problem i wud say.

anantha said...

Hmmm.. silent reader here for sometime now. And ya... Thalatta varuvala second version is by IR. Word has it that he was adamant on Fazil using his version in the movie till Fazil put his foot down...

Anonymous said...

Hmm, while S was having fun with J and R, another S was having with K and P during memorial day weekend...:). Check out Subbu's blog...

So u r into lyrics too?