Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Blame it on Arun! :)

Well, Arun got me going on this Music tag thing. And after half an hour, I was struggling to fit in all the songs I like. I couldn't fit in my favourite Hindi/English song collection in this. Blame it on Arun if you think this is a huge post..:))

I. Albums I own

There's really no end to this. I don't have all the albums I own with me here in the US. But back home, I have quite a collection.


The earliest recollection I have of collecting music is of Hindi songs. I am a huge Rafi fan. So I have

-Rafi sings for Shammi Kapoor
I love his "Yeh Chaand sa Roshan Chehra" from Kashmir Ki Kali and "Tumse Accha Kaun Hai" and "Badan Pe Sitare"!
-Rafi in Blue moods
-Rafi's melodies
Also, I have a comprehensive Kishore Kumar, Talat Mehmood, Lata Mangeshkar, Geeta Dutt ('Babuji Dheere Chalna' is one of her best!), O.P.Nayyar collection.


I have a considerable English songs collection too with all varieties like Guns n' Roses, U2, Aerosmith (this is a bit too much for me!), Eagles, Beatles, Elton John, Bryan Adams (my eternal fave). I don't enjoy very hard rock and Eminem sucks (no matter what anyone else says)!


Of course, the usual medley of Tamil songs is always there. The one thing I really cherish is a Tamil old songs Mp3 that I made recently. It has one of the best selection of old hits and listening to it on Sunday mornings is the most satisfying thing!

II. First album/cassette I bought

I had to think a long time for this because usually my dad did all the buying...:) I believe it was ARR's Vande Mataram in 1997 that I bought with my pocket money. I bought it from New Music India (?!) in Adyar.

III. Other albums I bought...

These days there's no buying. I usually just burn songs from the net. But even that has become rare of late..:) I just let my friends do the hard work and copy CDs off them.

IV. Present Favorites

Here's my top 10 in no particular order:

1. Raa Raa (Chandramukhi)

- Binni has put in a lot into this song. Chandramukhi's yearning for her lover can be felt in her voice and the carnatic-filmi mix goes well. This song usually gets my pulse racing especially when she sings the closing lines of the charanam,

"Mila mila magasina, meruvula meriyaka raa raa raa raa..."

Awesome number!!

2. Chinna Chinna Sigarangal (Kana Kanden)

- A very husky number. Very well sung. The lyrics are a bit vulgar but nonetheless, a good rendition! I like it.

3. Konjam Konjam Enakkum Unnai..(Arindhum Ariyaamalum)

4. Kaadhal Yaanai (Anniyan, of course!)

- Again, a total dance number. Gets me each time I listen to it. I like the part "Ring master-in singam pol...". Waiting to watch it onscreen!

5. Stranger in Black (Anniyan)

- Again, a copy of the Lord of the Rings score. But nonetheless, quite good. As I listen to it, I can get the feel of a mysterious stranger..

6. Appan Panna Thappula (Thirupaachi)

- I know many screw up their faces if I say I like this song. But it is a fast number and I like Vijai's dance in this one...:)

7. Nee Endha Ooru (Thirupaachi)

-Again, a popular down-to-earth mass number!

8. Sathikadi..(Sukran)

A very racy number..I confess when Priya first told me that she liked this, I was kind of like, "Ewww!". But then, the "paal ice cup ice.." hum kind of catches on. The hero has done a worst-u job of dancing. It is one of those songs that doesn't have much to it as far as uniqueness goes but still becomes popular.

9. Seetukkattu raani pola (Mayavi)

I love this number especially the "Jo jo jothika" part!

10. Kaadhaal Valarthen (Manmathan)

I simply love Kay Kay's range and voice in this number.

V. I usually hum..

I confess this list is going to coincide a lot with Arun's. Suprising to find a lot of common songs.

Minnale Nee vandhadhenadi.....(May Maadham)
Nee partha parvaikku...(Hey Ram)
Thoda Thoda.. (Indira)
Azhage Sugama... (Parthale Paravasam)
Sangeetha Swarangal...(Azagan)
Rama Rama... (Sivamani. This is a Telugu movie. Short and sweet song.)
Inji Iduppazaga..(Thevar Magan)
Maraindhirundhe Parkum...(Thillana Mohanambal)
Aaha Inba Nilaavinile.. (Maya Bazaar)
Sowkkiyama Kanne...(Sangamam)
Ondra Renda...(Kakka Kaaka)
Ennai Yenna Seithai...(Ivan)
Aasai Aasai...(Dhool)
Kannil Kandhame Vendam...(Mounam pesiyadhe)

VI. My Fave dappankoothu songs:

- Aal thotta boopathy... (Youth)
- Malai Malai... (Chocolate)
- Tirunelveli Alva daa...(Sami)
- Inthadi Kappa kizhange...(Dhool)
- Inthunoondu Muthathile...(Dhool)
- Vaadi Vaadi...(Alli thantha vaanam)
- Theradi Veedhiyil..(Run)
- Sarakku Vechirukken...(Shahjahan)

VII. My Fave nakkal song:

Pombalainga Kaadhalai Dhaan...(Unnai Ninaithu)

VIII. Fave music directors


IX. Fave singers:

Malgudi Subha, Sunidhi Chauhan, Chitra, SPB (of course!), Kay Kay, Karthik, Kishore Kumar, Rafi, Adnan Sami.


Prabu Karthik said... e veetila irukkum pola?:)

how on earth can u miss Kokkara kokkarakho and Appadi Podu from Gilli. my two most fav kuthu paatu songs. appuram all thotta bhoopadhi.

the rest like sarakku vachirukaen is like well too dppanguthu.

veetile sathama alara vitta en dabba dance adidum

Prabhu said...

i shud have believed u when u sd " this is going to be a huge post" :)

from manmadhan, i liked the "thathai thathai" better than kaadhal valathen

Anonymous said...

Nice collection u've got up there...Ilayaraja's missing from the fave music director's list?

Thanks to all the taggers (and those tagged) I'm collecting all the nice songs (and books) that u guys are posting...

Zeppelin said...

Dappankuthu la onnoda paata miss pannitiye ;)

and how about

"pukaarta chala hoon main" (actor-biswajit)
"ehsaan thera" (shammi)
"oh mere.." (movie - love in tokyo)

Eagles - desperado, new york minute, heart of the matter

Talat - jalte hain jiske liye, shaame gham ki kasam, mohabbat hi na jho samjhe

also do u like Jagjit Singh, Ghulam Ali ?

well, lemme stop now... illana comment nested post aidum.... :)

Subha said...

Hey AK,

I love those ones you mentioned. In addition, "Dil Deke Dekho, "Jawaniya Yeh Mast Mast..." get me going too.
Kishore's "Mere Saamewale..", "Jaani..", "Woh shaam kuch..", "Anamika..", "Ek Ladki..", "Mere sapnon ki rani";
Mukesh's "Kabhi Kabhi";
Lata's "Aayega" (Mahal), "Mujhe Yaad karnewale..", "Naina barse" (our own "naane varuven"!), "Gumnaam hai koi..", "Mere nainon sawan bhadon..";
Talat's "Jalte Hain","Tasveer Banata Hoon.." and "Zindagi Denewale.." are my all-time faves! I listen to them whenever I am in need of soft music. Somehow, Talat reminds me of A.M. Raja's genre of songs!
I like Ghulam Ali.
English- now that's another huge list! :)
I can go on and on and on......It's been quite a while since I even thought about these songs. Thanks for reminding me! :))

Anonymous said...

Hmm ..Enjamaai! Sooper Collections Ana dapakoothu songs - Worstu :) except dhool , sami and run! Kalakku ..


Vijay Ramamurthi said...

Came here hopping from another blog.

Nice blog,
I was reading ur other posts and assumed u were a carntic fan ??
and was surprised to see Yesudas missing in the ur fav list of singers

Vijay Ramamurthi

dinesh said...

Nice variety in your selections ! Raa Raa, Konjam Konjam and Kaadhal yaanai are some of my present favorites too. Your humming list and dappankuth lists are super ! Ellame enakum pidicha paattu dhaan. You don't have banumathi in your fave list ? :)

And one more thing ! Eminem's awesome :)

Zeppelin said...


thennavan said...

I thought I had commented here yesterday but can't seem to find my comments (maybe I did not hit the publish button at all :-)) - anyway it is time I gave in to the pressures (or pleasures ?!?) of tagging. Your list definitely shows your varied tastes.

Subha said...

Appadi Podu should've been on my list..:)

Prabhu, naan eppodhume unmai mattum dhaan pesuven..ennai nambu.:)

Anon, again, IR missing is my fault! In the frenzy of typing, my thoughts got scattered.

Vijay Ramamurthi,
welcome! Yes, I am a carnatic fan too. I don't like Yesudas too much..deliberate omission..:)

Subha said...

I saw your comment ysday in this blog! I am surpried it is not showing up now. Anyways, good luck with your tagging thing..:)

Balaji said...

first time here... thennavan said it right when he said 'varied tastes'. if i'd read your book and song tags separately i wouldn't have believed they came from the same person. 'a brief history of time' and 'appan panna thappula' :-) but nice list... had more in common with this one than the book list...

Priya said...

sooper . kittathatha top 10 listla patha en top 10 maariyee irukku. I also like this 'noodhanaa song' from karka kasadara (My number 3 on 10)...

Atlast 'sathikadi' paatu unakku pudichidhey!!! 'legu lakna legulakna lagne lagna' sama catch.
andha songla vijayyum rambhavum nalla aaduvaanga!!!

Aprom lajjavadhiye songa uttutiye!!!

Ram.C said...

hi subha

first time here thru mr.narayanan's blog..

saw your TFM list.. how come very less IR songs? It seems your are mostly influenced by the latest breed like ARR, YSR etc., Still it is a good list.

Subha said...


I was afraid my list was going to misrepresent me! I enjoy IR's songs a lot! It's just that my fave list is soooooooooo huge that I can't accomodate all songs...:) Sorry for the omissions and welcome!

sen said...

Minnale Nee vandhadhenadi.....(May Maadham)
Nee partha parvaikku...(Hey Ram)
Thoda Thoda.. (Indira)
Azhage Sugama... (Parthale Paravasam)
Sangeetha Swarangal...(Azagan)

Bayangara romantica irrukku.Sekiram vettla solli......

Thoda thoda a beautiful no from rehman and spb.Light and breezy no.

archie said...

You should probably consider giving a ear to "Kaathadi pole yen di enna suthure" from Mayavi, and inaugurate a folk section in your list..
I have never heard a typical folk song like that before!
(or may be some Govinda (actor) and Telugu (DeviSri Prasad) touch makes it so different)


Summa jolly a comment ezhuudhinen.. ;)