Saturday, June 04, 2005

Cinderella Man!

Who doesn't love a fairy-tale? Almost everyone does (at least, girls do. Prince Charming and the Happily Ever After are more appealing to us, I guess..:)). And who doesn't love underdogs? And throw into this mix two terrific actors, a superb cameraman, a talented director, a story of heroism and love and you have a hit!

My roomie and I happened to watch this movie yesterday evening. I became so ga-ga over it, I just had to blog about it.

The highlights of the movie (I loved these):

* The exchanges between Russell Crowe and Paul Giamatti (his manager). Giamatti is thoroughly convincing and impressive.

* Killer camera. The fight scenes, I think, have been shot with multiple hand held cameras. Every blow delivered feels like it is delivered on one's face. I found myself flinching reflexively during the boxing scenes.

* Russell Crowe. This is another of Crowe's best performances. Looking more chiseled and gaunt than previous movies, he slides into the part of the gentle giant, James J. Braddock. I still can't get over the dignified yet emotion-filled dialogue delivery when he goes begging and says,
"My kids have been farmed out and I've no electricity at home. I'd be grateful if you could help me out now."

* The champion Max Baer. Whoever the actor is, he sure has done a terrific job. At one point, I just wanted to punch his face! Now, that's acting!

* Braddock's cutie pie daughter, Rosy! The kid is just too adorable.

All in all, a must-see, feel-good flick. I think people always fall in love with characters like James J. Braddock: strong yet kind; down on hard times yet dignified and honest; thoughtful, helpful and loving. Finally, modest and unassuming despite fame and success. Watch out, guys, this is the Prince Charming that women fall for...:)

Read The New York Times review here.


Anonymous said...

ennama,Russell crowe ippo munnadi vaandhaa,avaluthaan pola irrukku!!!

Zeppelin said...

have u seen "The Bourne Supremacy" ...similar fight camera... the whole screen shakes, with every blow.

have added another movie to my wanna see list...

and also got an interesting tip about "prince charming"... ;)


Anonymous said...

senate full tight-la erukkaar pola...Manasula erukartha appadiyey alli udraaru ... :)) ..


Prabu Karthik said...

There starts my english vocabs classes again
chiseled, gaunt etc.:-)

thennavan said...

It sure sounds like me :-)

I mean, honestly :-)

Prabu Karthik said...


You are so damn modest!

Anonymous said...

Russell crowe is the one I find comparable to Marlon Brando's intensity on screen. I observe the same intensity and dedication to work and it shows. His oscar acceptance speech for his performance in Gladiator,(Which i felt was an average fare when contrasting with crowe's ability) is truly inspiring.

Thought it might throw some light on the his extraordinary talent and larger than life thinking.

here it is
You know, when you grow up in the suburbs of Sydney or Auckland, or Newcastle like Ridley or Jamie Bell. Or the suburbs of anywhere, you know a dream like this seems kind of vaguely ludicrous and completely unobtainable. But this moment is directly connected to those childhood imaginings. And for anybody who's on the downside of advantage and relying purely on courage . . . it's possible.

Thanks very much "


Narayanan Venkitu said...


Thank you for your thoughts on the movie.

I'll try and watch it this weekend ( My wife wants a movie date with me !)

Anonymous said...

love ur articles...getting better by the word...

p.s: my first comment...take a guess

Subha said...

Anonymous, Russell Crowe-ku mayangara aal illai naan...:))

Zeppelin, "The Bourne Supremacy" is on my list to see..Prince Charming tip ponukku ponnu marum...jakradhai! :)

Subha said...

"Thennavan, you're so damn modest"!
Thennavan, I second Prabhu Karthik...:)

VV, I never thought Crowe was something out of the ordinary. In Gladiator, I thought his performance mediocre at best. But I liked him in this one...

Venkitu Sir,
ennai nambi padathukku poi apram vandhu thittaadheenga...:)) But lemme know if you like it after you watch it. Have a great date with your wife!

Subha said...
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Subha said...

how can i guess who you are from such a generic comment? At least gimme a clue..:)But welcome, anyways!