Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Procrastrinator Cometh!

Well, I don't know when I became such a HUGE procrastrinator. I have a 571 project, a term paper, a term project and a programming assignment looming ahead in the coming two weeks and here I am, cool as a cucumber whiling away time watching TV, doing all sorts of things that could take a backseat. I have promised myself that I'd make some headway today with my CS 571 project. The task is just made harder by the fact that C on Linux throws up some weird Bus errors and Segmentation faults for no reason. Vijai suggested I blog about this topic but I wasn't really keen at that time. Now after spending 3 hours trying to debug I-know-not-what, I am ready to rant about it.....aaargh!
When was the last time a programming project drove me nuts to such an extent???!!!! I think it must've been way back in my second year, perhaps. If only gcc would give me some kind of decipherable errors, I would be happier. And I am NOT happy with procedural programming. I prefer the OO model.
Anyways, I think I will be a way more happier kid when I am done with all these deadlines. Oh and I just realized that I made a major mistake at work today. I had to upload some files to the webserver and I overwrote some recent ones with old ones. And my boss is just sending me mail after mail about some flash quiz that is not working on the site. I didn't even code that quiz and heaven help me if I have to read that code and find out what's wrong with it. I suppose all this means that I would have to go to work at 8 AM in the morning (sigh). Happy me!
The only consolation: tomorrow's payday!!

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