Wednesday, November 17, 2004

If this were hell...

Maybe this world is another planet's hell.
Aldous Huxley (1894 - 1963)

I found this funny. Just imagine if this were indeed another planet's hell....what sort of punishments would the powers-that-be devise for the people sent here?!!? Here's some I came up with:
1. Watch endless Tamil mega-serials.
2. Condemned to call 1.800 numbers and keep listening to machines for hours. You know, the ones that keep on going "Press 1 if you want blah..Press 2 if you want blah..Press 9 if you want blah..". Hell, all I want is to talk to a person which you will never get to and worst of all, the machines will never get tired of talking to you! Can't think of a better punishment.
3. Listen to George Bush's talks. (By the way, I can't imagine why he looked like he was about to deliver an obituary when he appointed Condi Rice to Secy. Of State. I quite honestly thought that that grave air was quite out of place. Dubya, after nearly 6 debates, you still haven't learnt what expression to use when!)
4. Browse the net without pop-up blockers.
5. Be an MP in the Indian Parliament when they start throwing slippers, bottles or have shout-matches.
6. Read Salman Rushie's Satanic Verses (most likely, the average joe would become nuts trying to figure out what this guy's trying to say)
7. Travel on Mumbai's electric trains in peak hours.
8. Have a friendly neighborhood dog that just won't stop barking/howling through the night.
9. Try to get a license from an RTO office without a bribe.
10. Eat American food.
11. Try to explain to a confused kid behind the desk at a fast-food store what "Vegetarian" means. When you get done, he/she goes , ", if you don't want anything in there, like what do you want???"

That's for now..feel free to add to it.

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saisiva said...

I would like to add one more to the list of 'punishments' on this earth:
Stroll or drive thru Old Mahabalipuram Road from Madhya Kailash (Adyar) upto the new Sipcot Arch in Siruseri (22 km drive approx), you wud be next to God to sail thru there peacefully without cursing yourself and the powers-that-be. It's really a Hell: