Thursday, November 11, 2004

Diwali Mela!

I suprise myself sometimes. I just finished cooking about the best dinner I have ever made in my life and I didn't even set about it seriously!!! I was just doing it in the most offhand and casual manner!
The menu this evening:
Coconut Payasam
Okra curry- south Indian style
Garlic Rasam
Fried papads.

I offered whatever I had cooked to God and after naivethiyam, when I tasted the coconut payasam, I almost swooned with delight!! I tasted like heaven. And the garlic rasam has left its aroma on all my jackets, gloves et al that I had left lying around the house. Oh, and I had fried papads for the first time in the US. All in all, a delicious Diwali mela. Too bad it became too late to invite anyone over.!

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