Monday, October 18, 2004

Honor among Vending Machines

We have this finicky vending machine in the basement of our office building. Somedays, it won't give you anything for your money and somedays it will give you two for the price of one. A couple of weeks back, it held back a Lays potato chips packet I wanted. I tried banging, wriggling my hands through and a lot of things but it refused to spew it out. Well today, I went downstairs and I found a woman doing acrobatics to reach through and grab her Cheetos packet. I think the vending machine is not a morning person. Anyways, I tried to help the woman and put in 40 cents to get gum and push the Cheetos along the way out. Guess what happened? The Cheetos packet didn't budge but the cranky vending machine gave me two gum packs! I guess it was compensating me for my loss of a couple of weeks back. There's honor even among vending machines.....hmph.


harry said...

Hi subha,
wanted to leave an comment long back in your blog..just now got whatzupp in kentucky..u too a shamathu tamil software engg: in US of A??;)

Venki, USA said...

Similar things have happened with me. But I guess,I was always lucky with vending machines atleast, I always used to get more than what I paid for.Five pepsi's when i paid for only one!!!ahaaaaa......lucky me.!!! vending machines hv always honored me .

Subha said...

Hi Hari,
Howz the CAT prep going? I am not yet a full working person yet...still in grad school!

harry said...

the prep is fine shubhs..;)hope i can call u like that..
why dont u have a shoutbox like all of us peepz do..its a better medium of keeping in touch.besides try adding haloscan comments.they are faster and where did ya do your UG??u seem like a stud(nerd) goin by your pic??u too from BITS??

Subha said...

Hi Hari! I am kinda late responding to your comment...forgot about the blogging world for a week! So, where did you get ur shoutbox from?