Saturday, October 30, 2004


There is only one constant thing. Everyone, everywhere is bored. It goes to prove that boredom is not a function of time, place or position but of the mind. My friends in India are bored despite the fact that they are all working full-time and are in over their heads with lotsa work. I am bored sitting here in the US and doing my MS. So it doesn't come as a relief to me to know that I will be bored even if I start working.
Now, there are these few gifted jeevans who are not bored. I told my roomie that I was tremendously bored. She told me that it was boring to get bored daily!! I scratched my head and thought about that....Perhaps one day I will get bored of boredom.
And another thing is that everyone, everywhere is lonely. All of a sudden, when you get out of college, somehow this menace creeps in. Everyone is complaining that they don't have a friend they can talk to daily and share things. Reason: everyone's busy. I was of the opinion that this malaise affects only those in the US. But in India, it is the same deal.
So finally my gyaan for the day: Better stop blogging about nothing and get back to reading RFC 1771 about BGP...(sigh)....


Jagan said...

what's RFC 1771 and BGP??

Jagan said...

what's RFC 1771 and BGP??

Ashlee said...

I can't really say that I'm bored. In fact I often find myself longing for a moment to sit and do nothing and be "bored," but only for a moment. I think that we can chose to enjoy life to its fullest or be bored with it. Anyway, if you want something to do, I have some fun interesting books I can loan you.

Subha said...

Boy, I really envy people like you who never get bored, Ashlee!! See, the thing is I get bored of everything quite easily...:) Oh well, maybe I will just borrow some good books from you! Thanks for the offer!

Anonymous said...

Happy Independence Day. Three cheers for India.

A Proud Indian
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