Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the one about restrooms

It makes me uncomfortable when people talk across cubicles in restrooms. I don't know if men do this as well. I know some women at my office who are "restroom buddies". They enter the restrooms chatting away about something and continue their conversations from the stalls as they do their business. No matter that they might not even be in adjacent stalls! For someone caught in the crossfire of this talk, it is totally awkward. Can't they wait until after they've left the restrooms to talk?


Indian restaurants in the US continue the glorious Indian tradition of having dirty restrooms. The restaurant will be all posh looking with low lights, soft music and tasteful wall decor. But the restrooms will be stinky, dirty and out of supplies. Why this neglect?!?!?! What in our culture promotes this restroom abuse? I really can't imagine. If anyone has any answers, I'd love to hear them..


Aarthi said...

tell me about it... I feel embrassed to go to the restroom when someone else is there.
There was an episode in Seinfeld in which they discuss why couldnt they have a partition from roof to the floor. who wants to listen to the gory details!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Yest Men do it too.!!

What's wrong in talking in restrooms? I don't see it being an embarassment. It talking can make the 'Business' a little enjoyable ...why now :)

Do you see women in USA doing their makeup in trains and buses? How do you like that?


Indian Restaurant restrooms - It's because the people who eat there don't care about it. How many do we see complaining to the staff. Most people are used to this and their brains are programmed to adjust..It's a shame.

Pooja said...

I echo your sentiments about filthy restrooms in restaurants, Indian or otherwise. Makes me wonder if the only thing the management cares about is putting on a good front....

....Reminds me of some of my older salwar suits that were embroidered and decked out in front and plaaaaaaaaain in the back. Peechhe kaun dekhne waala hai?!

Viji said...

well, I have also encountered bad restrooms in a lot of rest stops and many american stores here.. what bothers me more is the size of the restroom. The smaller they are, the dirtier they tend to be.