Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gallery Hop..

A friend has been telling me for quite some time about "Gallery Hop" nights in downtown Lexington. On these select nights, Lexington's downtown art galleries are all free to the public for viewing. As my friend said, it is the one night in Lex "where you feel like you're in a cool big city". My social life being rather abysmal right now, I decided it wouldn't hurt to be "hip" and see some faces. So off we went yesterday night to downtown Lexington.

We first walked into a gallery right off the public library in downtown. They had a series of pictures of people working in different professions in Ecuador. S and I had a "Kadhala Kadhala"-esque moment. We stared at all the different pictures pretending to see some deeper meaning all the while wondering why this was "artsy". Finally, as we exited the gallery, we caught the title of the display -- "Vanishing professions of Ecuador". Ah, ok. Made much more sense.

The next stop was the Lexington Downtown Arts Center. They had a few cute wooden doll exhibits and more modernistic art which I failed to grasp. It was only when we walked into the "Alfa Alfa " restaurant that we could finally relate something.. :p The food was home-made, hot and delicious! We had a sumptuous dinner and returned back home.

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