Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Real me Vs. Blog me..

My husband tells me that I have a personality that invites weird questions/observations from people. Everything's fine and dandy in my world when my virtual life and my "real" life don't intersect. But when there's some overlap, it gets a bit zany. People feel like they know me real well because of my blog. I suppose people get a bit disappointed when they find that "real" me is not as fun as "blog" me.

"I thought you would be really gregarious. But you're not."

"Ummm..I am always like this. It takes time for me to warm up to people. "


The "why" always gets me. Would anyone ask the same question of S? No. Hmph.

"I guess I am a reserved person. I don't talk much in person until I know them real well.."

"No, you're not. I've read all your blogs and you are very out going."

Oh boy.

"Erm..yeah, I am. But I've met you in person for only 5 minutes.."

Hehe. Weak laugh. Now I feel like I am Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. Full of conceit and disdain.

"So..what's up?"


When under pressure to talk, I can barely think of anything meaningful. Has this ever happened to anyone? For god's sake, I can't even make some comment about the weather! Ugh.

"Hmph. You put out all these personal things on your blog but you won't talk to me in person? I think you're being very rude to me."

Mental head-thunk. How do I get into these conversations?

"NO! I am not being rude..."

"So your blogs are not the true you?"

"Well, they are...but I get to selectively post what I want there..which may have misled you.."

"You're a false woman."

That does it. What does a "false woman" even mean? Is it like "false teeth" or something?

I start talking weird gibberish because I am under pressure to talk. Which only goes to re-inforce the opinion that I've lost my marbles. No way to build a good readership.


JanuskieZ said...

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RS said...

ROTFL! Hey, false woman, why won't you be gregarious with me? You must be false woman!

Viji said...

I have a simple solution to all questions. Give the middle finger.

Maayaa said...

it has happened to me as well.

I have warned some people already on the same note. I am not what you see in my blog. There are some qualities that I don't exhibit in my blog. I am very rude somehow to people initially..blah blah..


sb said...

comedy, comedy,
This is the reason I would like to have some private space for myself. But again, why should you really care about what people think of you?