Monday, December 15, 2008

Psstt..we went to Jared's..

Those of you in the US might have seen the ad for the jewelry store "Jared's". It has a whole bunch of people whispering "He went to Jared's" at a table when a couple announce their engagement and the bride-to-be flashes her ring exuberantly. About a year and a half back, S decided to get me a wedding present. On a whim, we both landed up at the nearest Jared's.

After 15 minutes of looking around, we realized that the designs were plain as can be and there was nothing attractive enough to capture our GRT-Thangamaligai-sensitized imaginations. Just as we were about to make a silent exit from the shop, a sales-guy captured us red-handed.

"May I help you with your purchase today?", he asked smilingly.

We could have said "No, thanks" and walked out. But something got into S and he said,

"Yes..we are actually looking for a ring."

"Would diamond interest you?"


I glanced at S desperately to ask him why he wanted to see those boring, old rings again.

The sales guy flourishingly displayed a set of about 30 diamond rings set in platinum. All of them had a plain band with a single stone of varying sizes set on top.

I was about to say, "okay, I am not interested" when S suddenly chimed in,

"Do these diamonds have doshas?"

"Do they have what?"

"D-o-s-h-a-s. Doshas. Meaning -- are these diamonds fit to be worn?"

Sales guy: "These are of the finest quality made by the best jewelers in the world"

The poor sales guy thought we were questioning the quality of the products. How wrong he was..:-)

S, nodding sagely, said, "Ah, yes. But they will not affect the wearer?"

Sales Guy: "You mean allergies? We have the best ---"

Hubby Dear: "No, no, see, in India, people say that some diamonds will cause the wearer harm or bring bad-luck..."

Sales Guy: "Oh..okay. How do you know that?"

Hubby Dear: "We don't know that..our parents do."

Sales Guy: "You want to come with your parents another day?"

Hubby Dear: "No..that's difficult"

Sales Guy: "Can I interest you in some other stones then?"

I was already giggling and struggling to compose myself. S was in full form that day.

Hubby Dear: "Umm..we're not sure if we can wear any stone."

Salesguy: (Dumb-founded, confused silence)

I thought I would alleviate some of the awkwardness and said,

"Only some stones can be worn by some people depending on their birth star.."

"Birth star?", the sales guy asked incredulously.

"We are all born under a star at the time of our birth.."

"You mean sun signs?", he asked doggedly.

"No, no..there are 27 stars..and some stones don't go well with some stars.."


"One of my aunts wore an emerald stone ring against advice and a thief broke into their house within a week."

"So...that's because of the emerald and your Aunt's birth star?"


After 5 minutes, we left the store, our heads held high leaving behind an extremely aggravated sales person. Both of us burst into uncontrollable laughter. The incident still evokes laughter!


HN said...

This post made me laugh!!Kadaisila Sujan vaanghi kuduthara illiya?

The Doodler said...

illa Humesh..naanga US la jewelry vaangara idea-va drop pannitu India la poi design a vaangindom..:)

Red Phoenix said...

=))))) Sujan at his best...

SUBASH said...

good one really!

sb said...

This is 'a' too much!!
We were partners in crime all the way till the end.
Man, the expression on the Sales Guy's face still remains green in "MY MEMORY" (Rare commodity)

Badhri said...

Try the "nalla naal", "kari naal" next time! :D

Me said...


Anonymous said...


First of all,Instead of Dosham Illatha stones you should have asked diamond with lesser inclusions. Nexttime when you go for the any diamond purchases please check 4 C's - Cut,Color,Clarity and Carat weight.
Cut refers round cut,princess cut,emerald cut,oval cut,arsher cut,etc....
Color refers A to p . Normally D to I color are available in the market. Indian prefers alwasy D,E & F ie stones will have white shade more than yellow...if select J ,K it will have more yellow.
Clarity - LC ( Loupe Clean),FL - Flawless,VVS- Very very slight inclusions,VS - Vers silight inclusion,SI- Slight inclusion.
Carat- Weight of diamonds. 1 carat - 5 gms of diamonds.
Hope the above will help you to buy a better quality diamonds. ( Best Buy).

Blue jagger refers to the belgium cut diamonds where the diamonds will have better cut with white and blue shades.

Kay said...

This cracked me up :)

Anonymous said...

Funny incident! :-)
Don't buy jewellery here! They swindle you in daylight. Just the other day I was looking at some rings out of curiosity (in some old English shop.. established in 1852 etc) and I saw one exactly like my engagement ring bought in India.. the (discounted) price was more than 10 times the original price!

Gopinath Sundharam said...

I'm still laughing.. oh.. boy, this is so funny!!! :) :) I'd want to see that sales guy's face.. ha ha ha!!