Thursday, September 25, 2008

Marie Antoinette

Inspired by the magnificent Versailles palace and a desire to get a different angle on the infamous Queen, I ordered 'Marie Antoinette' from Netflix. I suppose I was thinking this would be a la Shekar Kapur's 'Elizabeth'. Alas, was I mistaken! This Marie Antoinette (played by Kirsten Dunst) speaks English with an American accent, uses American slang (Example: "That is soooooooooooooooo du Barry"),doesn't utter a single word of French or German and is a pathetic,shallow puppet.

It would be too much to expect documentary-like precision in a commercial movie. However,is it too much to expect that the French Queen at least utter a couple of dialogues in French or speak in accented English? One of the worst performances I've seen from Dunst. Besides, what in the world did this movie want to convey? They finish the movie right when the French mobs move in to capture the Royalty. Isn't that the time to really show Marie as the misunderstood figure that she was? Surely the French Queen has enough character depth for a 2 hour portrayal?

Anyway, this movie is nothing but a director's whim to see and visit Versailles at the producer's cost. Please don't see it. Basically, producer mouth-la halwa! :)

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Zeppelin said...

you know who would've made a better choice - Cate Blanchett.. man, of late I have become a big fan of hers! if you cant recollect Cate - she was in the latest Indian Jones movie - the russian (?) army woman.. see one of her best performances in 'Aviator'.. i think she was either nominated or won an oscar for that movie.

or simply, go to IMDB.. :)