Saturday, September 06, 2008

I've never had much luck taking pictures in aquariums. My previous 4-year-old Kodak camera had very primitive settings that did not work out for an amateur photographer like me.

Recently, we bought a Canon SureShot 1100 and I've loved it so far. It has very sophisticated image stabilization and different pre-set modes to help in various environments. When we visited the Newport Aquarium yesterday, I thought I'd try out the "Aquarium" mode. The results were pretty good. I took some very random, point-and-shoot pictures and they turned out better than I could've ever expected!


subhashssm said...

i expected a lot more from ur posts!there is no writing these days

expertdabbler said...


Canon Sureshot evlo aachu?

If I were you, i would've bought Nikon D40 which comes for $449.00 :D

expertdabbler said...

btw ennakku oru doubt... how different is Powershot from Sureshot?

The Doodler said...


SureShot was just around $240-ish. I think PowerShot was their older line. SureShot is their newer line..It definitely has better image stabilization than the previous PowerShot cameras. That's all I know..:)

Zeppelin said...

super subha! (wow, possible new nickname... :D)