Friday, June 13, 2008

'Dasavatharam', Cholas and Racism...

S is dead-stubborn that we should watch 'Dasavatharam' playing in Cincinnati this Sunday. We got the tickets yesterday. I wasn't (am) not very excited about it because I have my own personal grudge against this movie.

In one of the roles, Kamal plays Rangarajan Nambi of Srirangam. Rangarajan Nambi gets persecuted (in the movie) by Kulothunga Chozha I for his Vaishnavite faith. Kanniks told me that this role was based on Sri Ramanujar's life. Now, I have my own soft corner for the Cholas and I refuse to vilify these kings who nurtured Saivism/Vaishanvism alike and endowed millions to Vaishnavite temples (including Srirangam. There's an inscription in the temple to support this).

Personally, I've always felt that the Tamilnadu government glorified the Pandyas and the Pallavas while ignoring the Chozha heritage of TN. We hear of Narasimha Pallava of Mahabalipuram fame and the Tamil Sangam nurturing Pandyas of Madurai often in the history books. Why are Chozhas not given as much prominence? What about Raja Raja Chozha who retrieved the Tamizh devarams from ruin? I've never read more than 2 lines dedicated to Raja Raja Chozha or Rajendra Chozha.

Coming from the heart of Chozha countries, some of these things strike close to heart. Assuming that Kulothunga Chozha indeed was a religious fanatic, why single out Chozhas for religious persecution?! What about the Pandyan who massacred the Jains near Madurai? What about Narasimha Pallava/Mahendra Pallava who did the same?

I'll reserve final judgement after I see the movie. Watch out for more rants on this space..:)


Aravind said...

The movie is an entertainer with its own goods and bads and history forms only a small part of the movie.

Red Phoenix said...

Chubs... S is wanting to watch Mallika Shararath and Asin.. Not the storyline :D

prabukarthik said...

Reference to kanniks reminds me of a book project i was supposed to do long back :(

I dont agree with your take on inadequate coverage for cholas..
neraya pannirukaanga.. neraya coverage um cholas ku dhaan.. raja rajan, karikalan etc

Chera kings were not covered to that extent IMHO.. maybe they did not deserve such glory.

jollya padam parthutu va...
I am a kamal admirer but I dont think anyone can do justice to 10 roles without compromising on story/screenplay..

will see this movie tmrw anyway..

Sriram said...

chillax.. tell us how it was compared to the jodha akbar experience :)

Anonymous said...

idhula race enga varudhu?

Anonymous said...

subha..watched it thursday in chicago...the movie has a very simple story line...Kamal has acted very well...dont have a lot of expectation


Kishan said...

I am not aware of the history but I had one of the worst movie experiences while watching this one. I think in tamil, the movie will not be as bad as it is in telugu. dubbing just sucked.

The movie is loud, noisy and ridiculous. Two thumbs way way down.
I don't care if they spent 60 or 80 crores or what they went through for this movie, but I definitely had way better time watching Ram gopal varma ki AAG when compared to this one.

The Doodler said...

Aravind, you're right but it still rankles me! :)

red phoenix,

Asin was good. Mallika Sherawat was ucaaaaaack..


Take a look at any history book. You'll find more coverage of Mughals than you will of any local/native ruler. Not sure how these people were in any way inferior to the frigging Mughals.

The Doodler said...


Definitely better than Jodhaa Akbar! :)


Maybe a stretch but I was talking of racism against Cholas..hehehe.


For some reason, I felt like the movie was very noisy as well! :) But I'd blame the sound engineers in the theatre for it..I liked the movie okay.