Thursday, March 15, 2007

Honey, I am so nasty!

There are some personalities that I know, in the blog world and outside of it, that own up unabashedly to their personal faults. "Faults" is quite a subjective term and one man's poison is always another man's food. I think it shows character to own up to one's shortcomings and it is good. To a certain extent. But when "owning" up to it often turns into a grand flaunt of "Oh, I am so bad and I am going to shout from rooftops that I am an insufferable *****!" it does, err..become a bit annoying. Is there something as an overdose of character?!

What sharply bought it into focus was watching Kajol in "Coffee with Karan". Yes, yes, I am referring to that famous episode with Shahrukh, Kajol and Rani. The show was an eye-opener to the chauvinist in me in terms of how brainy some movie stars actually are. All three seemed quite witty and down-to-earth. And we had Kajol mentioning in every other line, "Oh, I don't like 99 of the 100 people I meet. I am hard to get along with. I am quite a wild person. blah blah blah.." The first time she said it, I thought it was cute. The second time, I appreciated her honesty. But the nth time she chirped that line parrot-like, it soured on me. Come on, Kajol, you're not such a big humbug after all and have you considered the possibility that none might give a darn about whether you're hard to get along with or not? And perhaps, that's not such a glorious attribute that you proclaim it on national TV?!

And 10-year-old kids gush, "Oh, Kajol is sooooo coooooooool na?!" And like kids picked up smoking in the 80s emulating then-heroes, today's kids are going to emulate being "nasty" or "rude".

Err..I think tomorrow, we are going to hear "cool" things like these from our kids:

"Oh, you know, I have a temper and I usually just bonk the first person I see with an iron poker."
"I am a chain-smoker and I smoke umpteen cigarettes a day. I don't care that my son sees me everyday and that he may follow my example. But I am uber-cool, na?"
"Oh, I am such a nasty person that I throw hot water on anyone else's face if they disagree with me."

See what I mean?:)


kuttichuvaru said...

yeah.... media nowadays is turnin out a bad influence!!

RS said...

I actually watched that episode again :) And now it's not even online anymore :( The things we miss being away...I think I just left a comment relating to this post and the next...

Anonymous said...

Karan Johar is gay. End of story.

Karthik said...

I think whether you like it or not that is the world is going today...

Everyone thinks he / she is smart and they are selfish not sure where this going to end.

Subha said...

kuttichuvaru, you can find such people even outside of the media..:)


I was expecting a hot tirade from you for my anti-Kajol post!:)



Hmm..I don't have a problem with anyone being smart/nasty/rude..its just if they proclaim it as a virtue, i get annoyed..

Anonymous said...

I did not watch the program, neither I would. (mmh, not worthy of my time!)

But about Kajol(who?) proclaiming that she does not get along with 90% people, hey do your math! 90% of peopel dealt with Kajol, did not get along with her!

Psychologically, that may be an attempt to stand out from the crowd, like saying "I am a bad boy!".

And Subha, what happend to your other blog? Nothing more about Choza empire? :0)


Sriram said...

subha, why waste time watching a couple of idiots and a couple of dolls. there are better things to be done in life. like watching animal planet instead. freea vidunga..

dinesh said...

LoL..yeah I know what you mean.

If you're so nice you can own up to your mistakes 25 times, why not spend a little time rectifying it eh ?