Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Musings on Desh...

I wonder if this Raga was named "Desh" because of the inherent patriotism (Song: Vande Mataram) it is able to conjure up in the hearts of the listener; Or is it because it speaks to the soul that it is called "Desh"? After all, there's few things that touch a person's heart as his/her motherland. Whoever named it so must be definitely an intellectual.

Some tunes lull the mind into peace and serenity for a few moments. Desh is one such. It conjures up images of moonlight, stars, the Tajmahal in early morning light, an infinite ocean of bliss occassionally surfacing a playful wave to dance to the tunes of a Raaga....Aptly enough, Desh is meant to be sung in the early parts of the night lulling the sleeper deeper into undisturbed slumber.

"Brindavana Saranga" is one Raga that reminds me of monsoon seasons, rain drops dangling on the edge of leaves, rivers dancing on pebbles etc...I don't know what this raga is meant to embody but I am thinking it should be something close to what I imagine..:) Aruna Sairam is my favourite for this Raga. She has given wonderful renditions of "Rangapura Vihara" and "Soundararajam". There may be purists and naysayers who'd cite other musicians who've done more justice to this Ragam. But I feel she gives the Hindustani touch (it is a Hindustani Raga adapted to Carnatic music) perfectly!

There's umpteen movie numbers in this Raga and a lot of re-recording in movies and dramas. The serial "Rudra Veenai" by YG Mahendra has used this raga exclusively for re-recording!

These two Ragas have given me islands of peace in the past week or so amidst stresses.

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Zeppelin said...

splendid words subha ! honestly, romba naal kezhichu a very nice post..

brindavana saranga.. me totally premisthunnanu.. :) Desh - like it.. but Kapi/Dwijavanthi bring are the ultimate peace makers to me.. :)

Zeppelin said...

yuck... oru extra "bring" pottuten.. sorry ba.. :D

Subha said...


I became a Brindavana Saranga maniac after listening to Aruna Sairam..:) I like Dwijavanthi also but I am tired of just listening to the same two songs in it - Akhilandeswari and Chetah Sri!

DEsh, for me, is the ultimatest! Gosh, what a melody!