Monday, October 02, 2006

A few weekend thoughts...

Finally found a few contiguous hours to watch a movie last weekend. I ended up watching Lagaan. I had a jinx going with this movie. I'd start watching it, something'd happen and I'd stop. My movietime yesterday was also peppered with phone calls and little errands but at least I finished what I started..:) I liked it. It gave me a feel-good feeling. But after having heard years of talk, reviews about it, I didn't have much surprise left. So I wasn't "wowed" or awed, but I liked it.


Went Garbha dancing on Saturday. I didn't dance much because my poor body gave way to aches and pains mid-way and I sat slumped in a chair watching everyone else. I've decided I should get a chanya choli type dress. All the Gujju aunties/girls wearing colorful clothes and jewelry swirling around with their full skirts gave me this jealousy..:) Gosh, if there was one thing that South Indians miss out on, its dancing! Our culture just doesn't have this woven in. I was just amazed watching all these Northie Aunties - old and young - swaying and dancing with abandon. They weren't worried about who was watching, who was not or whether they were doing it gracefully. They "danced like none was watching" and it was fun!

I was reminded of Gaancase. She sure knew how to twirl to a number..:)


Weekends should have more than 48 hours...:( What with golus, body-aches, dandia etc.., I still haven't cleaned my house. I have a pile of dishes in the sink (that pile never goes away! It is a veritable "amudhasurabhi"), laundry to be done, a closet full of messy clothes that I should arrange, a few calls to make, grocery shopping.....Aaaaaaargh! Grocery shopping and washing dishes are perhaps the bane of every desi in the US. You turn around and you are out of groceries....:( Anyways, now that the work-week has started, I am pretty sure I'll never get anything done until Friday. Then of course, the "extra-curricular" fun starts and I'll not remember all this until next Monday...:)


Anonymous said...

yes u cant watch movies with out breaks at home, mebbe its time to enforce a self rule to switch of cell phones or mute them like we do at movie theatres (or do we ?)

Kay said...

Good luck :)

Zeppelin said...

like the anonymous being commented - swtich off that damned cell phone girl! :)

Zeppelin said...

oh and you are right about the dancing and south indians.. at the risk of sounding like a traitor, i feel south indians - many - somehow lack the right attitude... or the "coolness" that our northie mates have... and somehow most of them refuse to even learn that from them.. :)

PH said...

subha, you owe me one for finally being able to watch lagaan.

hope you are feeling better.

Subha said...


but I want to do so many things at once! :)


Errr..thank you?:)


I don't think its about "coolness" or "attitude"..dancing is really not in the culture as much as it is in the a consequence, it becomes a very self-conscious issue..:)

Subha said...


yeah I do owe you one! :) Thanks..

dinesh said...

Completely agree about dance not being a part of our culture ! Wish we had some kind of dance...

Yeah, and onnoda extra curricular activites pathi thaan theriyume...too much !! :)

subramoni said...

Don't tell me you are watching Lagaan for the first time!!! What's wrong with you???? :). I must have watched it atleast 50 times and at one point, was contemplating releasing a cassette of its dialogues(by me). Thats how
well I had memorized the dialogues. :).

And i agree with you on the dance and South Indian "connection" or shud I say, "disconnection".

RS said...

Yup, we really should get colorful chania cholis and it's time we became ladylike!

Anonymous said...

I guess it is not because dance is not in our culture. Dancing is a primitive instinct. To be a man is to be able to sway to music. The southern culture does have dances , kavadi, karagam, bharatam, what not.
It is only becos we think that they r "uncool" and tempted by bollywood dance sequences that we think that south lacks a dancing culture. and tamil gana/kuthhu ku equivalent a onnu solla mudiyuma???

Muthukumar Puranam said...

Last time I was there and danced too.
Inime sathyama antha sidea poga koodathunu mudivu pannen. Suthi suthi nadanthune iruthanga ellorum. Etho athai ponnunga 4, 5 irunthu, senthu aadina naamalum round adikalam, ellam old parties having nice time, athula ennai nadaka vittutingale da.

Subha said...


nee Lagaan dialogues pesi oru cassette-a? :) Good luck!


yeah, let's go shopping!


Kuthu dance-ku equal edhuvume illai dhaan...but how often does one dance in TN? Apart from college crowds/functions, is dancing a part of the society where young and old alike come together to celebrate?? I don't think so.

Subha said...


neenga last time edhukku vandheenga, epdi vandheenga, yaaroda vandheenga ellam yaam arivom! :)

Adhanaala anavasiyama en vaayai kinda vendam! :)

Anonymous said...

we used to dance regularly nu than nenaikaren. golus, pongal.. religious festivals..but when the south started opening up to the north, drop dean gorgies from "settu veedus".. slim, fair naturally eclipsed the minds of our youngsters..feeling inferior about their naturally rotund figurines..:))
ellame emulation ngra kadinala ninnuthu nu nenaikaren..

ennamo.. this has lasted generations matarthu kastam than..